Wrought Iron Lighting – Handcrafted With Pride In America

“Since 1979 One Goal, One Passion… To Bring Yesteryear To Light.”
A Legacy Of Authentic Craftsmanship

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Hammerworks Handmade Wrought Iron Lighting: Chandelier WICH109



Hammerworks Primitive Wrought Iron Chandelier WICH106 Is Hand forged With Six Candeles



Hammerworks Hand Forged Wrought Iron Chandeliers WICH108



Hammerworks Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier WICH104



Hammerworks Forged Wrought Iron Chandelier WICH107



Hammerworks Wrought Iron Sconces WI105 Hand Forged



Hammerworks Antique Wrought Iron Sconces WI102 Hand Forged With One Burning Candle



Hammerworks Wrought Iron Wall Sconces WI107 Hand Forged With Two Candles



Hammerworks Wrought Iron Candle Wall Sconce WI104 Hand Forged With Two Burning Candles



Hammerworks Wrought Iron Sconce Lighting WI101 Hand Forged With One Candle



Hammerworks Hand Forged Wrought Iron Wall Sconces WI108 With Two Burning Candles



Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Hand Forged Early American Wrought Iron Lighting were a staple of Colonial life. These simple candle Chandeliers are hand forged by our Blacksmith, using the same tools and techniques of the early Blacksmith. In keeping with the historical accuracy of  these pieces, these hand forged wrought iron chandeliers are made to accommodate candle light only. The graceful lines of these primitive wrought iron candle chandeliers will add an authentic Early American accent to any room in your Colonial style home.

All chandeliers come with a 10″ hook. Additional hooks can be purchased for $15.00 each

Handforged Sconces

Hammerworks Wrought Iron Sconces are hand forged with historical accuracy by our Blacksmith, and are made to accommodate candle light only. The one exception among our wrought iron lighting pieces is the wrought iron candlestand. This handmade wrought iron floor lamp can be made with your choice of electric candles or the more traditional candle version.