The Best Hand-Wrought Iron Lighting – Handcrafted In America

“A Family-Owned Business Since 1979 –  Creating Heirloom-Quality  Reproduction Lighting”

“Lighting To Endure For A Lifetime”

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Handmade Wrought Iron Chandelier WICH109



Primitve Hand-Forged Candle Chandelier WICH106



Hand Forged Chandelier Lighting WICH108



Rustic Vintage Wrought Iron Chandelier WICH104



Rustic Hand-Forged Chandelier WICH107



 Hand Forged Wrought Iron Wall Sconce WI105



Antique Wrought Iron Sconce Light WI102



Rustic Wrought Iron Wall Sconce WI107



Hand-Forged Wrought Iron Candle Wall Sconce WI104



Rustic Vintage Sconce Lighting WI101



Vintage Forged Wrought Iron Wall Sconce WI108



Wrought Iron Lighting

First & foremost, get the best authentic Wrought Iron Lighting at Hammerworks! To say nothing of, these hand-forged Colonial Lighting Fixtures are made in the USA by our certified Blacksmith. Not to mention, he learned the art of this ancient trade at the world-renound “Old Sturbrige Village”!  As mentioned, we handmake these simple candle chandeliers, using the same tools and techniques of the original craftsmen.

All things considered, handcrafted Early American hammered iron lights were a staple of pre-revolutionary life. By and large, we feel it’s important to stay true to the historical accuracy of these pieces. That being said, we make our rustic style chandeliers to accommodate candlelight only. In any event, we offer two distinct designs as well as several arm configurations in this collection. Therefore, select the “fishhook” style or the more elegant sweeping arm design. No matter what, you’ll find one that’s sure to please! All in all, the graceful lines of any primitive wrought iron taper pendant light adds an authentic Early American accent. In a word, place one anywhere in your antique style home. Especially relevant, all chandeliers are supplied with a 10″ hook for hanging. Of course, if needed, you can purchase additional hooks for $10.00 each.

Hand-forged Sconces

By the same token, in addition to the candle pendants, we create a selection of coordinating Hand-forged Sconces. Of course, these simple wall sconces are also crafted for candlelight only. Certainly, with such whimsical designs as hearts and tulips, they’re certain to delight! Of note, the one exception to the “candle only” status among our wrought iron lighting pieces is the candle stand. In fact, this unique handmade floor lamp is made with your choice of electric candles as well as the standard candle version.

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