Hand Forged Wrought Iron Chandeliers: WICH108 (3 Candles)

Wrought Iron Chandelier – WICH108 (3 Candles )
Height 19″
Width 14″
Price $225.00

All wrought iron chandeliers come with a 10″ hook. Additional hooks can be purchased for $10.00 each

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Hand Forged Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Hammerworks is proud to offer our collection of Hand Forged Wrought Iron Chandeliers. First & foremost every piece is hand wrought in our own forge. Most importantly our chief blacksmith developed and refined his skills at one of America’s top museums. Therefore each reproduction wrought iron light fixture is crafted using the tools & techniques of the original Colonial Blacksmith. In addition, in keeping with the original purpose, the primitive design accommodates candlelight only. Furthermore, we offer these graceful wrought iron chandeliers in a variety of styles & sizes. From a simple 2-arm design to a more traditional-looking 6-arm, you are sure to find one that is just right. Thus whether you own a Traditional Colonial Home, Reproduction Saltbox, Historic Cape Cod Cottage, Log Home, or New England Style Farmhouse, we offer wrought iron chandeliers ideal for you.

Wrought Iron Wall Sconces

In addition to wrought iron chandeliers, we offer a collection of wrought iron wall sconces. Of course, our Blacksmith’s hand forges these sconces. We also make them only as candle-burning fixtures. Furthermore, we offer a variety of designs. Consequently, you can create a unique ambiance for your Colonial Reproduction home by combining our wrought iron sconces and chandeliers.

Wrought Iron Hardware

The talents of our in-house Blacksmith extend well beyond our simple wrought iron chandeliers & sconces. For the purist restoring an antique home, we offer a complete selection of interior & exterior door hardware. Thus you can choose from several styles of hand-wrought door handles strap or “H” hinges. Most importantly, each piece is custom-made to order to your exact specifications. In addition, we also offer custom-made Andirons and Cranes for your fireplace.

Hand Forged Early American wrought iron lighting was a staple of Colonial life. In this time of technology and mass production, we are proud to create authentic reproduction lighting & hardware using the time-honored tradition of America’s founders. In conclusion, the graceful lines of our primitive wrought iron candle chandeliers, sconces & hardware will add an authentic Early American accent to any room in your home.


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