Rustic Cut Mirrored Tin Wall Sconce



Rustic Cut Mirrored Tin Wall Sconce

Hammerworks Colonial Rustic Cut Mirrored Tin Wall Sconce is an excellent choice when you want to create a dramatic statement. Because Hammerworks offers several styles and sizes of handcrafted antique mirrored sconces, you will surely find just the right one to complement your setting. As with all of our lighting, we make each sconce by hand using tools and techniques of yesteryear. Furthermore, the mirror for these historic colonial sconces is hand-cut and carefully placed individually. The mirror’s reflection adds depth to the sconce, as well as to the overall room design.

Also, each Hammerworks mirrored wall sconce is available in your choice of solid copper, brass, or tin. Consequently, this allows you versatility in coordinating with the color scheme and style of any setting. Whether you are decorating a classic Williamsburg, Colonial, Cape Cod Cod-style cottage, or New England Farmhouse, we offer a sconce style that is just right. As a result, our Colonial wall sconces combine beauty and function making them a perfect decorating accessory for any home.

Colonial Cut Mirrored Tin Wall Sconce

Our extensive collection includes even more, Colonial Cut Mirrored Tin Wall Sconce designs. The impressive Carpenter Hall Tin Mirrored Wall Sconce is a prime example of our quality reproduction styles. Available in 2 sizes, it’s a historically accurate replica of the originals in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.

Another great option is the Vintage Mirrored Wall Sconce, available in 3 distinct sizes and candle configurations. Mix and match for a truly custom look in any room! Or, perhaps the stately design of this Williamsburg Primitive Wall Sconce is just what you’ve been looking for! Certainly, with so many to choose from, you’ll find the perfect rustic-cut mirrored Tin Wall Sconce for your home!


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