(C) New England Style Onion Wall Lights : OL10

New England Style Onion Wall Lights: OL10

Copper Onion Wall Light: OL10
Height 23″
Width 12″
Depth 14″


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New England Style Onion Wall Lights

First & foremost choose Hammerworks New England Style Onion Wall Lights for authentic handcrafted Colonial Cape Cod lighting. Featuring solid copper & brass construction since 1979. Most notably, you can use these versatile historic reproductions in both indoor & outdoor settings. So whether you want to add curb appeal to your home’s exterior, or illuminate an inside area, consider Onion lanterns! In addition, we make them in several sizes. No matter what, the antique solid copper & brass finish blends well with a variety of decor schemes. Or, for a rustic look, consider the custom verdigris finish. Furthermore, the interior uses can range from entrance halls & kitchens to family rooms, bedrooms & bathrooms. Of course, you can use New England Style Onion Wall Lights wherever light is needed. Finally, the attractive design blends well with a multitude of decorative styles.

Cape Cod Onion Lanterns

Certainly, if you use Cape Cod Onion Lanterns outside your home, you’ll achieve a charming, rustic effect. Thus, whether you add a single post mount or several doorway fixtures, the result will evoke the essence of Cape Cod. No matter what, with so many sizes to choose from, you’ll find the perfect combination to complement your residence. Of course, in addition to post and wall models, we offer a nice selection of hanging copper onion fixtures for you to choose from. Most of all, the simple design blends well with a variety of home designs. Can’t decide which Colonial Wall Lanterns to choose?  These appealing light fixtures can easily be “mixed and matched” for a unique effect. Therefore, for a unique effect, you can place a traditional style post fixture on your driveway and a pair of  Onion Wall Lights at your front door.



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