Hammerworks New England Style Onion Wall Lights OL10 Handcrafted With Solid Copper

(C) New England Style Onion Wall Lights : OL10

Copper Onion Wall Lanterns: Hammerworks Onion Lights

This photo showing two onion lanterns (model # OL8) in a solid brass antique finish is a great illustration of correct placement, an important factor in overall appearance when installing a doorway lantern. Here the onion lanterns sit at an even height with the finish trim around the doorway and not too close, creating an overall appealing aesthetic look.

Copper Onion Wall Light: OL10
Height 23″
Width 12″
Depth 14″

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Product Description

New England Style Onion Wall Lights

First & foremost Hammerworks reproduction New England Style Onion Wall Lights and Round Globe wall lights are a practical and functional choice for any setting. Secondly we handcraft these versatile historic reproduction wall lanterns from solid copper or solid brass. Thus you can use them in both indoor & outdoor settings. In addition we make Onion lanterns in several sizes. Furthermore the interior uses can range from entrance halls & kitchens to family rooms, bedrooms& bathrooms. Of course you can use New England Onion wall lights wherever a light is needed. Finally, the attractive design blends well with a multitude of decorative styles.



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