Large Driveway Post Lights

Colonial Home Lighting & Landscape Restoration using Hammerworks Post Lights P101 Handcrafted In Solid Antique Copper

A pair of Large “Sturbridge” Model P101 Antique Brass Post Lanterns light the walkways of a restored antique Colonial home in Shrewsbury, MA.

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Driveway Post Lights

In the first place, at Hammerworks each one of our exceptional Large Driveway Post Lights is a handcrafted masterpiece that will last for generations! That being said, we’ve worked closely with historians to create the best possible replicas of the early American designs.  Even more important, we fold, bend, and cut the metal completely by hand. The solidly soldered joints result in tight seams which stand the test of time. Not to mention, we hand spin the metal finials at the top, completing the authentic antique look of each lantern. As a result, we consistently deliver heirloom-quality Colonial Driveway Post Lanterns!

Overall, we offer a variety of finish options for our handcrafted driveway lantern tops. In fact, we duplicate the finishes of the original 18th and 19th-century Colonial lanterns. We hand rub the copper & brass, achieving a soft finish that develops a natural, rich patina over time. As a result, select from a choice of antique copper, verdigris, painted black, and antique brass.

Another important feature, we equip our Large Driveway Post Lights with a standard post-fitter, fitting any 3″ lantern pole tenon. Therefore, whether you already have a post in place, or choose to purchase one of our attractive Colonial Style Light Poles, your new post top light will fit securely.

Outdoor Driveway Post Lighting

Generally speaking, when considering the size and quantity of Outdoor Driveway Post Lighting, think about the following factors. Most importantly, a post lantern provides safety on walkways when approaching your home at night. Therefore, in terms of arranging, for the most part, when using multiple Large Driveway Post Lights, allow 2.5-3 times the height of the pole to space them. Again, in most cases choose a large size. No matter what, a driveway or walkway pole light may appear undersized if not appropriately scaled to the setting. For example, the distance from the light fixture to the building, as well as the house size are important

Colonial Pole Light Designs

As you can see here, we offer a varied selection of Colonial Pole Light Designs. All in all, our period reproduction styles reflect both traditional and primitive looks. For example, both the large and small Sturbridge lanterns shown here reflect the classic look of the original street lamps common throughout the early American cities.

Conversely, the decidedly rustic and primitive look of the “Garrison”, “Berkshire” and the “Pyramid” Copper Driveway Lighting were more likely to be found leading the way to an antique Colonial New England Farmhouse.

Certainly, regardless of the style you prefer, find an extensive New England Wall Lantern collection to coordinate with your Large Driveway Post Lights.


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