Hanging Onion Lantern: HRG12

Copper Lantern: HRG12
Height 22″
Width 17″
Copper $969.00
Brass $979.00
Verde  $989.00
( 2-Light Cluster $40.00)


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Hanging Onion Lantern

Hammerworks offers Hanging Onion Lantern HRG12 to complement the Onion Post and Colonial Onion Wall Lights. Most importantly we offer a variety of sizes allowing you to complete the look in your lighting design. In addition, we make Hanging Copper Onion Lights with your choice of a single downlight or a 2,3, or 4-light candelabra setup. Furthermore, we supply all Onion lights and Round globe lights with a sturdy clear glass globe, providing excellent illumination.

Copper Wall Lanterns

Our reproduction Copper Wall Lanterns are a practical and functional choice for any setting. Whether it is Copper Onion Wall Light OL12  or Onion Brass Wall Lights OL10 we handcraft these classic Colonial Onion Wall Lanterns from solid copper or solid brass. Furthermore, they coordinate with Onion Post Lights and Hanging Onion Lights. Since we make each Copper Onion Wall Lantern in several sizes you will find one just right for your space. In addition, they are used in a variety of indoor & outdoor settings. While exterior use is most common, interior uses extend to any room in your home. Thus from entrance halls & kitchens to family rooms, bedrooms& bathrooms Onion lanterns are used wherever light is needed. Finally, the attractive design blends well with Colonial Ceiling Lights.

Colonial Tin & Brass Chandeliers

Of course, if you would like to contrast your Hanging Onion Lantern with another style you can choose from our wide selection of Colonial Tin Chandeliers. Colonial Reproduction Tin Chandeliers CH103 is an ideal choice as well as Antique Brass Chandelier CH116. No matter your preference you will find the right Antique Home Reproduction Chandelier within our varied collection. Most importantly we handcraft each 18th Century Reproduction Chandelier in your choice of finish. Therefore you can choose from Antique Tin, Antique Brass, or Painted Black to complement your color scheme.



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