Copper Onion Wall Lantern: OL6

Copper Wall Light: OL6
Height 15″
Width 8″
Depth 10″
Copper – $409.00
Brass – $419.00
Verde – $429.00


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Copper Onion Wall Lantern

Find your handcrafted Copper Onion Wall Lantern at Hammerworks! This handmade reproduction is a practical and functional choice for any setting. As you can see, we handcraft these versatile historic reproduction wall lanterns from solid copper or solid brass. Furthermore, they coordinate with our Hanging and Post Onion Lights. Of course, since we make our Colonial Onion Wall Lights in several sizes there’s one just right for your space. They’re ideal in a variety of indoor & outdoor settings. That being said, as an alternative to the exterior of your home consider the interior uses. For example, ideal options include entrance halls, kitchens, or family rooms! The same can be said for bedrooms & bathrooms. In essence, use Onion lanterns wherever light is needed. In essence, the attractive design blends well with a multitude of decorative styles.

Onion Post Lanterns

It’s important to note, that we create Onion Post Lanterns completely by hand. We carefully create each Colonial Onion Wall Lantern out of your choice of solid copper or brass. As a result, they withstand harsh weather conditions resisting rust or corrosion. Not to mention, we offer Onion Post Lanterns in three different sizes and with either a round or onion-shaped glass globe. All in all, our Early American Onion Post Lights coordinate perfectly with the Wall mount and Hanging styles.

Onion Lanterns

Altogether, we offer a collection of handcrafted Colonial Copper Onion Wall Lights and Round Globe Colonial Onion Post Lanterns in a range of styles and sizes. That being said, it’s easy to coordinate your lighting scheme.

By and large, Onion Lanterns evoke a quintessential nautical design defining old New England craftsmanship. Far from their original intent of work lights on fishing vessels, these solid copper or brass lights are suitable for a wide range of home styles. While they are most popular for Cape Cod Style Homes, a Copper Onion Wall Lantern is ideal for many home designs. For example, consider Early American Colonial, Traditional, and Lakeside Homes, among others. Most importantly we include posts, wall mounts, and hanging Onion Lanterns in our collection. All in all, Hammerworks is a complete source of Onion Lanterns for your home.




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