Adirondack Style Lighting Fixtures

Hammerworks Adirondack Style Lighting Fixtures Copper Chandelier Model# Ch421

Rustic Copper Chandelier

Add a unique look to your Adirondack Style home with Our Rustic Copper Chandelier! First of all the bold yet simple shape of the chandelier stands out in any setting. Most notably, the hand-applied rivets and hammered copper surface provides detail and texture demanding a closer look. In fact, this chandelier is fully handcrafted from heavy gauge copper creating a look exclusive to Hammerworks. No matter what, the design adds strength & character to any room! We think you’ll agree, it’s especially suited to Adirondack design log homes, lodges, and other rustic settings.



Adirondack Style Lighting Fixtures

First & foremost, Hammerworks features several styles of handcrafted Adirondack Style Lighting Fixtures. As you’ll see, we offer excellent quality and craftsmanship. Moreover, we’ve been making superb reproduction lighting here in the USA since 1979. Not to mention, we use the best materials available, offering several finish options. Altogether, our collections include both interior & exterior lighting suitable for any rustic mountain lodge or cabin. Choose from Colonial, Gooseneck, Olde English Tudor, and Craftsman styles. Therefore, no matter your preference you’ll find compatible fixtures. Overall, for an Adirondack Style Log, Western Timber Frame, or Lakeside Cabin Hammerworks is your best lighting source.

Outdoor Adirondack Lighting

As mentioned, we offer a variety of Outdoor Adirondack lighting. These include several coordinating Post and wall-mounted models, as well as Ceiling and hanging Fixtures. Not to mention, because we use non-ferrous metals, they won’t rust or corrode.  In addition to solid copper, select from brass outdoor lanterns. Either way, the hand-rubbed finish darkens naturally over time. If you prefer a decidedly rustic appearance, our verdigris option is ideal. Or for a polished look, choose the painted black.

Likewise, we offer the ever-popular nautical-inspired Onion Lights in a variety of sizes.  In any event, we handcraft each collection in several sizes. Therefore, no matter which reproduction lights you prefer, they’ll add the finishing touch to your rustic mountain cabin.

Adirondack Style Chandeliers & Wall Sconces

Together with outside options, we offer several period reproduction Adirondack-style chandeliers and wall Sconces, perfect for a lakeside camp. In short, these include antique tin & brass models, punched design pendants, French Country, & hand-turned vintage wooden styles.  You’ll find several chandelier sizes, from the petite Tavern Light to grand 2 & 3-tier designs. Not to mention, our chandeliers are hand-made using only high-quality solid tin, brass, or hardwood.

In the same manner, our Wall Sconces are handcrafted in many sizes, styles, & finishes. As usual, we offer the same quality finish options. In addition, designs range from simple to formal.  Not only that, they coordinate wonderfully with the chandeliers and ceiling lights.

Personal Customer Service

Above all else, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our goal is to earn 100% satisfaction for our personal customer service and quality craftsmanship with every purchase. Contact us anytime to inquire about our products. Our knowledgeable sales staff gladly offers assistance whether you choose to visit, call, or drop us an email. We will work with you every step of the way to assist with your selections.


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