Tin Reflector Oven

Early American Reproduction Tin Reflector Oven

Tin Reflector Oven OV1
Price: $555.00
Shown with optional hand forged and irons and fireplace crane, also offered by Hammerworks.



Early American Colonial Tin Reflector Oven

Hammerworks is proud to offer you the only true Early American Reproduction Tin Reflector Oven in the industry. This completely handcrafted tin oven is more than an outstanding hearthside accessory. It is a fully functional tool that allows you to roast and bake using the same method as early Americans. You and your family will enjoy the experience of cooking in this manner, at about the same time a modern oven requires.

Tin Reflector Oven

Price: $555.00
Shown with optional hand-forged irons and fireplace crane, also offered by Hammerworks.


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