Tudor Style Copper Wall Light: OWW1A

Tudor Style Copper Wall light: OWW1A
Height 22″  Width 9 1/2″
Depth 11 1/2″
(Shown With Seedy Glass)
Antique Copper $1829.00
Verde Copper $1849.00
Antique Brass N/A

Also Available:

Tudor Style Wall Light: OWW1B (Open Bottom)
Width 9 i/2″
Height 19″
Depth 11 1/2
Antique Copper $1789.00
Verde Copper $1809.00

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Tudor Style Copper Wall Light

First & foremost Hammerworks creates each handcrafted reproduction Tudor Style Copper Wall light using only heavy gauge, solid copper.  As a result, they fulfill your design expectations with some of the most unique Tudor-style posts & wall lights available. Most importantly what sets these Old English Tudor lights apart is the combination of skills mastered by the craftsmen in our shop. They include riveting, which is the defining style, as well as hammer forging of heavier metal pieces. In addition, we hand-spin the metal for the tops & bottoms, as well as the bending of the custom glass to complete each piece. In any event, if you require a fixture for a smaller space, the Craftsman Style Copper Wall Lights: ACW 351 are a great option to consider!

Olde English Tudor Chandeliers & Wall Sconces

Our Olde English Tudor Chandeliers & Wall Sconces give you a look unparalleled in the lighting industry. First of all the strong but simple shape of the chandelier stands out in any setting. Yet the hand-applied rivets and hammered copper surface provide detail and texture demanding a closer look. Furthermore, the graceful half-round shape of the coordinating sconces mirrors the strong simple lines of the chandeliers. In addition, the Arrowhead Sconce offers a look that is uniquely “American”. Of course, this sconce is fully handcrafted from heavy gauge copper creating a look exclusive to Hammerworks. The design adds special charm  & character to any room. That being said, log homes, lodges, and other rustic settings are ideal locations.

Olde English Tudor Lighting Collection

Hammerworks is proud to offer a unique handcrafted Olde English Tudor Lighting Collection. Our collection includes Post, Wall, Hanging, and Ceiling Mounted as well as Chandeliers and Wall Sconces. While these Old World light fixtures echo the look and feel of historic times, they make a bold architectural statement in a wide range of settings. Thus commercial buildings, lobbies, hallways, and foyers as well as large kitchens and dining rooms are enhanced by the size, simple shape, and character of these fixtures. Finally, the hand-hammered heavy copper construction of these extraordinary lights will impress the most discriminating buyer.



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