(D) Gooseneck Doorway Lighting: SLS 508

Hammerworks Gooseneck Doorway Light SLS508 Handcrafted In Solid Copper With Antique Finish

Gooseneck Sign Light: SLS 508
Shade Dia. 8″  Wall Cover 4.125 ” Square
All Copper – $285.00
All Copper Verde – $305.00

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The photo above illustrates yet another innovative use for Hammerworks gooseneck lighting. Here SLS-508 in antique copper finish has been used to illuminate an entryway & house number in a residential setting.


Gooseneck Doorway Lighting

While Hammerworks Gooseneck Doorway Lighting is most commonly used to light storefront signs, current trends reveal other applications. Consequently in addition to the original intent, they are an excellent choice to illuminate a variety of primary outdoor areas. Thus for a unique look you can use a gooseneck light to illuminate your home entryway, garage, or as deck or patio lighting.

Most importantly we handcraft Gooseneck Lighting in your choice of solid copper or brass. In addition you can choose a copper verdigris finish if you prefer. Furthermore on most models we powder coat the steel arm black for a striking contrast. Not only that you can choose between either the fluted round or cone style shades. Also since we offer these unique fixtures in a variety of sizes and arm configurations your options are almost endless.

Interior Gooseneck Lighting

Furthermore Interior Gooseneck Lighting adds a dramatic effect throughout your home. Since we offer an option with a straight arm, it makes ideal task lighting. Consequently you can group them together over kitchen counters, islands, and even pool tables. Not only that create a dramatic statement with gooseneck lighting over a bathroom vanity. In addition restaurants often use them over salad bars or booths. Thus from interior commercial applications to contemporary kitchens and beyond Gooseneck Sign Lighting provides a unique option for any lighting design scheme.

In conclusion it is evident solid copper or solid brass Gooseneck lights offer many solutions to your lighting needs. In addition to outdoor sign illumination, other successful applications of Gooseneck Sign Lighting fixtures range from outdoor home, barn and garage doorways to kitchen, bathroom or pool table lights.

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