(Z2B) Colonial Tin Wall Sconce S115B

Black Wall Sconce S-115B (shown in tin)
9 3/4″h x 9″w
Quantity : 1
Finish : Painted Black (Only)
Retail Price : $399.00
Discounted Price : $259.00

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Colonial 18th Century Tin Wall Sconces

Hammerworks 18th Century reproduction tin wall sconces will add character to the overall design of any room or setting when properly displayed. Displaying wall sconces at a proper height or room location is important. They should be at a height level to coordinate with artwork or other decorative displays. Room location should also be considered, installing sconces in areas such as behind a seating area, or over a desk. Complementing artwork, mirrors, or over a fireplace mantle are also ideal places to display 18th Century tin wall sconces.


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