(Z1X) Colonial Brass Wall Sconce S101

Antique Tin Wall Sconce

Hammerworks tin wall sconce (S101A) is tastefully displayed next to a guest room bathroom mirror at the country inn, Blacksmith Inn on the Shore at Lake Michigan in Baileys Harbor WI.

Wall Sconce S101

Brass Wall Sconce S101
Height 14 1/2″
Width 3 3/8″
Quantity: 1
Finish: Antique Brass
Retail Price: $205.00
Discounted Price: $129.00

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Colonial Brass Wall Sconces

Hammerworks colonial brass wall sconces are among the finest 18th Century reproduction wall sconces in today’s era. Each Hammerworks period sconce is handcrafted from solid copper, brass or tin, providing versatility in coordinating with the color scheme and style in any room.


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