Onion Wall Light: OL10

Handmade Onion Wall Light OL10

Copper Onion Light: OL10
Height 23″   Width 12″   Depth 14″
Copper $619.00  (Shown)
Brass  $629.00
Verdigris $639.00

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Reproduction Onion Wall Light

Add Cape Cod charm to your home with the best Onion Wall Light from Hammerworks. Our Colonial New England Style Lighting Fixtures are fully handcrafted! This Onion OL10 is among our most popular Colonial Wall Lanterns. Most importantly, we handcraft this classic Cape Cod Colonial Onion Wall Lantern from solid copper or solid brass. Furthermore, coordinate it with any Colonial Post Onion Lantern and Copper Hanging Onion Lights. Also, since we make each one in several sizes, you will find one just right for your space.

Generally speaking, customers often use Colonial Onion Lights in a variety of indoor & outdoor settings. Other than placing an Onion Wall Light on your home’s exterior, the interior uses range throughout your home. That being said, from entrance halls to family rooms, bedrooms & bathrooms onion wall sconces are ideal. On top of that, the simple style complements just about any decor.

Onion Post & Hanging Lanterns

As mentioned above, we also create matching New England Post or Hanging Onion Lanterns. This allows you to create a coordinated theme among your onion light selections. Again, we offer wall, post & hanging lanterns in several different sizes. Furthermore, we use either a round or onion-shaped clear glass globe. Of course, if you prefer, you can choose a contrasting design for your Rustic Outdoor Post Lanterns and they will still blend nicely with the Onion Wall Lanterns.

Colonial Wall Lanterns

Especially relevant, the best feature of an Onion Wall Light is its simple design. Above all, their classic simplicity is so versatile it allows for countless possible combinations. Consequently, mixing and matching with other Colonial lantern styles is common. Therefore, if you choose a pair of Cape Cod Colonial Wall Lights W106 for the front entryway, consider Brass Onion Wall Lights OL8 for the side or back of your home. The Early American Home Wall Light Princeton W116 is another great choice to complement an onion wall sconce.


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