Copper Colonial Wall Light: Barn Lantern W101

New England Farmhouse Style Lighting Fixtures: W101

New England Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures: Custom Barn Lantern W101

Barn Lantern W101
Height 17″
Width 8″
Depth 8 1/2″
Antique Copper – $739.00  (Shown)
Antique Brass – $749.00
Verdigris – $759.00



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Colonial Wall Light

First & foremost Hammerworks Copper Colonial Wall Light W101 offers a unique look! Get the Best Handmade Rustic Barn Light Fixtures made from long-lasting copper or brass. These distinctive fixtures are also available in a larger size, the Colonial Reproduction Home Lights Barn Lantern W102.  Whether you are considering the large or small, you will be delighted with the classic yet rustic look of these Reproduction Wall Lanterns. Not only that, we make each New England Wall Lantern using only solid copper or brass. Thus our classic Colonial Wall Lanterns will last for years to come. In addition, you can choose from a variety of finish selections. In addition to our standard antique copper or brass finish, we offer custom choices of verdigris or painted black.

Keep in mind, that our process employs attention to detail and historical accuracy reminiscent of the original craftsmen. We fold, bend, cut, and solder completely by hand to produce a quality lighting fixture. The hand-rubbed antique copper and brass finish gives the light fixture an attractive satin patina. Of course, it will oxidize naturally over time. Overall, due to their quality and accuracy,  municipal and Historic Restoration projects throughout the U.S. often choose our Colonial outdoor lights.

Custom Wall Lanterns

Most notably, along with Custom Colonial Wall Lanterns, we offer a wide range of period reproduction post-mounted styles. Ranging from Primitive to Traditional as well as Arts & Crafts Lighting and Olde English Tudor lighting, you’ll find just what you want. No matter the architectural style of your home we have the right post lighting choice at Hammerworks.

Most importantly when deciding on the size and quantity of handcrafted Colonial Post Lanterns, keep these factors in mind. Consider size; it is important to choose a light that does not appear undersized with the setting. Therefore the distance from the Post Lantern to the building, as well as the building size itself determines the appropriate lantern size. Hence on a long driveway, multiple post lanterns may be necessary, to achieve proper illumination as well as aesthetic value.

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