Colonial Outdoor Wall Lights: W113

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Handcrafted Colonial Outdoor Wall Lights W113

Brookfield W113 (Shown)
Height 15″
Width 10″
Depth 7 1/2′”
Antique Copper – $739.00
Antique Brass – $749.00  (Shown)
Verdigris – $759.00
Large Brookfield W114
Height 18″
Width 11″
Depth 8″
Antique Copper – $769.00
Antique Brass – $779.00
Verdigris – $789.00

The pair of colonial wall lanterns in the image here ( Brookfield W113) shows perfectly how a simple but elegant lighting design adds function and beauty while making a dramatic statement. They add an ideal accent to this formal colonial home designed by Madison Spencer Architects and built by B R Arnold Construction of Newport, RI. The electric 2-candle design adds symmetry to the simplistic look of these wall lanterns

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Colonial Outdoor Wall Lights

Look no further! Hammerworks Colonial Outdoor Wall Lights feature the best Handmade Solid Copper Lighting created by skilled craftsmen in the USA. This Brookfield W113 is the medium-sized model in the popular “Brookfield” Series. Of note, the coordinating New England Wall Lantern Brookfield W112 is the smallest, while the larger W114 completes the collection. Although the W112 is shown without a grid, this feature is optional on all 3 models. Furthermore, the simple look of these Colonial Wall Lights lends itself to a variety of home styles. For example, the mansard roof gives the light a formal appearance, while the grid work adds rustic charm to the lantern.

Copper Wall Lighting

Most importantly, the classic look of this Copper Wall Lighting blends well with any style of Custom Colonial Wall Lanterns. Therefore, choose from several traditional outdoor wall lights to easily mix and match. Above all, Traditional Home Wall Lights WML112 and its counterpart WM112 are a popular combination. Furthermore, complement any outdoor wall sconces with coordinating Colonial Hanging Lights and Rustic Outdoor Post Lanterns from our various lighting collections.

Colonial Onion Lights

Most Noteworthy, at Hammerworks we create a complete collection of Colonial Onion Lights. Certainly, the quintessential design of Colonial onion wall lanterns puts these time-honored fixtures in a class of their own. No matter what, from the large Copper Onion Wall Light OL12 to the diminutive Copper Onion Wall Lantern OL6 they blend well. Of course, you can also choose from a variety of Colonial onion posts and hanging lights to complete the look.

Above all, Colonial onion lanterns evoke a distinctly nautical design, defining old New England craftsmanship. Originally used as work lights on fishing vessels, these solid copper or brass lights are suitable for a wide range of home styles. While most popular for Cape Cod Homes, onion lights are also ideal for New England Farmhouses and Lakeside Homes.


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