Hammerworks Colonial Copper Wall Light WM212 Handcrafted With Antique Finish

(ZZ) Colonial Copper Wall Light: WM212

Colonial Copper Wall WM212:
Height 27″
Depth 13″
Antique Copper – $495.00
Antique Brass – $505.00
Verde Copper – $515.00

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Product Description

Colonial Copper Wall Light

Hammerworks WM212 Colonial Copper Wall Light is set apart with its’ unique bottom finial. While these Colonial Wall Lanterns have a compact body, the addition of the top and bottom finials lend a graceful appearance to the overall look of the fixture. Most importantly this New England Traditional Wall Lantern is also available in a smaller version, the WM211. At just 19″ in height, this Traditional Copper Wall Lantern is a great option when size limitations are an issue. Furthermore Traditional Wall Lanterns Small Sturbridge WML102 or Traditional Home Wall Lights WML112 combine nicely with either the WM212 or WM211.

Primitive Style Wall Lanterns

If you prefer Primitive Style Wall Lanterns, look no further! Hammerworks has several options available. Colonial Reproduction Home Lights Barn Lantern W102 are especially popular. This attractive fixture is also available in a smaller version, the Copper Colonial Wall Light Barn Lantern W101. If you prefer some type of grid work or crossbars, consider Colonial Reproduction Wall Light Garrison WM110 or Colonial Reproduction Wall Lantern Williams W104. With so many choices, we cannot name them all here. Take some time to peruse the Colonial Wall Lanterns page to find just the right one.

Handcrafted Colonial Post Lanterns

In addition to our collection of Colonial Copper Wall Lights we offer several coordinating handcrafted Colonial Post Lanterns. There are several traditional styles available to coordinate with your WM212 or WM211. These include Colonial Post Lantern Small Sturbridge P102 and Colonial New England Style Copper Post Lantern Large Sturbridge P101.

Designed to provide a glowing warmth, the beauty of solid copper or brass lanterns offers a dramatic accent in daytime. Most importantly when choosing size and quantity of post lanterns, consider these factors: First of all do not shy away from size. The light may appear undersized if not scaled properly to the setting. Consequently the distance from the post light to the building, as well as the building size itself determines appropriate lantern size. In addition on  long driveways, multiple Colonial Copper Post Lanterns may be necessary to achieve proper illumination and aesthetic value.

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