Brass Onion Wall Lights: OL8

Copper Onion Wall Lanterns: OL8

Correct placement of your Onion Lights is important. This pair of Model OL8 antique brass onion lights are installed at the optimal height & distance from the doorway trim creating an appealing aesthetic look.

Brass Onion Wall Lantern: OL8
Height 20″
Width 10″
Depth 11″
Copper – $579.00 (Shown)
Brass – $589.00
Verdigris – $599.00


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Brass Onion Wall Lights

What’s not to love about Hammerworks Handcrafted Brass Onion Wall Lights? Creating the Best Quality Lighting Made In the USA Since 1979. No matter what, whether you prefer antique copper or brass, Hammerworks Model OL8 is a perfect choice! Ideal for the front entryway of a smaller home, these onion-style Colonial Wall Lanterns add a Cape Cod flair. Most notably, we handcraft onion wall fixtures in several sizes. Therefore, for a larger home, consider placing the Brass Onion Wall Lanterns OL12 or OL10 on the front. Certainly in such cases, the smaller OL8 or perhaps the petite Onion Wall Lights OL6 are suitable for a side or back doorway. Of course no matter the size, each Colonial onion light is skillfully handcrafted in New England by experienced craftsmen. Furthermore, we use only high-quality solid copper or brass to ensure long-lasting durability.

Onion Light Styles

In addition to the reproduction of Colonial Onion Wall Lights, we offer additional Onion Light Styles. Create a lasting impression when you place Colonial Onion Post Lanterns PRG12 or Onion Post Lights POL12 in front of your home. Do you have a Farmer’s Porch that needs overhead lighting? Our Colonial Ceiling Onion Lights are available in 4 sizes. Furthermore, you can choose either the ceiling-mounted or hanging pendant styles. As a result, we are your complete source for period reproduction of Colonial Onion Lights.

Colonial Wall Lanterns

Keep in mind, we also offer an extensive selection of Colonial Outdoor Wall Lanterns. Whether traditional or rustic in design, you can combine any style to contrast with the simple classic look of your brass onion wall lanterns. You will love the look of Copper Colonial Wall Light Barn Lantern W101 on your garage. Or perhaps the classic lines of Traditional Wall Lanterns Small Sturbridge WML102 are more your style. Either way, we have the size and style of Colonial Wall Lanterns for you. Buy superior handcrafted Colonial Lighting from a trusted name since 1979.


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