Hammerworks Primitive Tin Wall Sconces: S115B Shown In Antique Tin

(S) Primitive Tin Wall Sconces: S115B

Height 9 3/4″
Width 9″
Ant. Copper – $319.00
Antique Brass – $329.00
Antique Tin – 329.00

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Product Description

Primitive Tin Wall Sconces

Hammerworks Primitive Tin Wall Sconces S115B are the two arm companions to the singular Colonial 18th Century Tin Wall Sconce S115A. No matter which model you choose these Colonial Wall Sconces add a simple yet elegant look. While the sconce back or body is somewhat primitive in design, the cascading “S” shaped arms adds a graceful appearance. The result is Colonial Primitive Tin Wall Sconces with rustic charm.

In addition to antique tin we also create Rustic Tin Wall Sconces in solid copper or brass. As a result you have several options to choose from in complementing the color scheme and style of any room. In addition we offer several Antique Wall Sconces with 2 or 3 candles. Therefore in areas requiring additional lighting a Vintage Tin Wall Sconce is the ideal solution. Furthermore each candelabra base on a Colonial Wall Sconce is UL rated for a maximum 60 watts. Consequently this provides ample illumination for your space. Finally, if you prefer a primitive accent we can custom create your Vintage Wall Sconces as candle models.

French Country Lighting

The classic simplicity of the S115B and S115A  Antique Reproduction Wall Sconce blends well with French Country Chandeliers. The gracefully sweeping arms of Grand French Country Chandeliers FCCH510A and Classic French Country Chandelier FCCH510 are a perfect complement. Furthermore our elegant Rustic French Country Style Chandeliers FCCH502 also blend nicely. In addition either the French Country Sconce Lighting FCS 213 or French Country Wall Sconces FCS 215 provide a nice contrast.

No matter what the quality, craftsmanship and elegance of Hammerworks French Colonial Country Chandeliers add beauty and character to any setting. With their exceptional elegance and simplicity, these fixtures offer a unique look to complement a variety of home styles. From a Townhouse in the city to a Country Cottage or Vintage French Provincial home French Country Style Chandeliers make an graceful statement.


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