Pineapple Brass Wall Sconce: S103

Height 10″
Width    6″  Depth 3″
Antique Copper – $169.00
Ant. Brass – $179.00  (Shown)
Antique Tin – $189.00


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Pineapple Brass Wall Sconce

At Hammerworks we handcraft each Pineapple Brass Wall Sconce with pride in America. Overall, a Pineapple is considered a universal sign of “welcome” and hospitality. Just how did that come about? In essence, due to its association with warmth and friendliness, pineapples in America are used as the “crowning” piece in large displays of food. As a matter of fact, pineapples were so sought-after in Colonial times that people would rent them for a day to use as a party decoration. Believe it or not, at one point in history, the pineapple was literally too expensive to eat!

Not only that the pineapple symbol is often seen in 18th and 19th-century furniture, decorating bedposts, tablecloths, napkins. Virtually anything associated with welcoming guests. Even today, fake pineapples are seen in centerpieces, while images and carvings of the fruit often appear in historic buildings.

Quality Handcrafted Sconces

In any event, Hammerworks continues to deliver superior Quality Handcrafted Sconces. Of course, our Pineapple Brass Wall Sconce is no exception! In fact, we use the same tools and techniques as the original craftsmen to create each authentic 18th-century Colonial Reproduction Wall Sconce. By the same token, we create each sconce in your choice of solid copper, brass, or tin. As a result, they coordinate perfectly with the color scheme and style of any setting. Given these points, our Colonial wall sconces combine beauty and function. All in all, they are a perfect decorating accessory for any room.

As mentioned, Rustic Sconces are a great lighting option to install throughout your home. Here are some guidelines to consider. As a general rule of thumb, install a Rustic Style Wall Sconce between 5 – 6 feet from the floor. Or, another method is to measure down 6 inches from the top of the window and then use that as your mounting height for all the wall sconces in the room.

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