Colonial Brass Wall Sconce: S110

Colonial Wall Sconce: S110
Height  10″
Width     8″  Depth 4 1/2″
Ant. Copper – $329.00
Antique Brass – $339.00  (Shown)
Antique Tin – $349.00


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Colonial Brass Wall Sconce

Choose this unique Colonial Brass Wall Sconce for your home! Of course, it’s also available in antique tin & copper. No matter what, you’ll get exceptional quality handmade rustic lighting at Hammerworks. In any event, this model S110 has a style all its’ own. Generally speaking, the distinct squared-off shape sets it apart from typical Colonial Wall Sconces. To say nothing of it, this singular look gives it a somewhat formal appearance. Perhaps, consider pairing it with Vintage Sconce S113 for a nice contrast.

As mentioned, we handcraft this Early American sconce with the finish of your choice. In fact, select solid copper or tin in addition to brass. Given these points, it’s easy to coordinate with the color scheme and style in any room. In addition, we offer several Colonial reproduction sconce styles with 2 or 3 candles. In a word, these are ideal for areas requiring extra light.  Especially relevant, each classic design sconce accommodates 60 watts per candelabra socket.

Rustic Wall Sconces

All things considered, Rustic Wall Sconces provide a versatile lighting solution for any space. Generally speaking, these vintage lights are perfect to illuminate a dark hallway. By the same token, they’re ideal as accent lighting in a bathroom, bedroom, or living area. On the whole, a New England-style wall sconce adds a warm glow wherever you place it.

Certainly, while an antique reproduction candelabra adds overall charm to any setting, proper placement is important. Therefore, always consider height as well as room location. For example, install them at the correct level when coordinating with artwork or above fireplace mantles. In addition, an area behind a chair, sofa, or over desk is an ideal place for additional lighting. Either way, Hammerworks Colonial Wall Sconce designs range from primitive to elegant. Overall, from the simple Antique Reproduction Model S105 to the Cut Mirrored Tin Wall Sconce collection, the possibilities abound.

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