Vintage Wall Sconces: S130

Colonial Vintage Wall Sconces S130

Wall Sconce: S130
Height 12″
Width 5 ”  Depth  3″
Ant. Copper – $359.00
Antique Brass – $369.00
Antique Tin – $379.00  (Shown)


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Vintage Wall Sconces

First of all, you’ll love the graceful hand-formed fan design of these Vintage Wall Sconces from Hammerworks! Most importantly, these attractive Colonial Wall Sconces are available in either antique tin, brass, or copper finish. Consequently, you can easily match any decor and color scheme. No matter what, whether you are decorating a classic Williamsburg, Cape Cod, or New England Farmhouse, you’ll find the right reproduction candelabra for your home.  Above all, any Colonial Vintage Sconce combines good looks and function. As a result, they are a perfect decorating accessory for your home. Not only that, if you have a fireplace, consider the Tin Reflector Oven, a unique accent to compliment any candle lamp.

Our Vintage Wall Sconces are beautiful in their simplicity. They provide a warm glow, perfect to illuminate a dark hallway or accent lighting in a bedroom or living area.  Most notably we offer several Rustic Tin Wall Sconces with 2 or 3 candles. Since each candle accommodates 60 watts per candelabra socket they are ideal in spaces requiring additional illumination.

Colonial Tin Sconce

Most importantly no matter your home style, we offer a Colonial 18th Century Tin Wall Sconce that is perfect for you. They range from primitive to elegant. From a simple 18th Century Tin model to the exquisite Colonial Cut Mirrored Tin Wall Sconce the possibilities are endless. While our Antique Wall Sconces add charm to the overall design of any setting, proper placement is important. Thus, always consider height as well as room location. Therefore it is important to install sconces at the correct height level when coordinated with artwork or above fireplace mantles. In addition, an area behind a chair or sofa or over a desk is an ideal location to provide additional lighting.

With our capability to create and hand make sconces, custom work is always welcome. If a more primitive wall sconce is desired, each wall sconce is available in a non-electric candle version upon request. Finally, no matter the size or style of Colonial Primitive Tin Wall Sconces you are shopping for, Hammerworks is a clear choice.


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