Antique Wall Sconces: S131

Height 15″
Width 11″  Depth 6″
Ant. Copper – $579.00
Antique Brass – $589.00
Antique Tin – $599.00  (Shown)


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Antique Wall Sconces

Searching for Antique Wall Sconces for your home? In the first place, shop at Hammerworks where Model S131 is an authentic period lighting reproduction created by skilled artisans. As a matter of fact, it is the two-arm version matching the handcrafted rustic style sconce S131A. Given this point, you have more options when you choose these classic Colonial Wall Sconces. In short, the versatility of having alternatives to choose from within the same design is advantageous if there are space constraints. No matter what, the classic simplicity of these reproduction candelabras allows you to easily combine them with any model within our collection.

In any event, we use only solid copper, brass, or tin to create each vintage light. All things considered, this allows you flexibility in coordinating with the color scheme and decor of any space. To say nothing of, architectural designs from a classic Williamsburg Colonial to a Cape Cod Cottage or New England Farmhouse are suitable for any of our Rustic Tin Sconces.  Generally speaking, a period design sconce combines beauty with practical application, making it a perfect decorating accessory for any home.

Certainly, no matter which Early American sconce you choose, you’ll find them to be beautiful in their simplicity. By and large, they provide a warm glow, perfect to illuminate a dark hallway. Not to mention, accent lighting in a bathroom, bedroom, or living area.  Moreover, we offer several Colonial 18th Century Tin Wall Sconce models with 2 or 3 candles.  All in all, they are ideal for areas requiring additional lighting.  Furthermore, each sconce can accommodate up to 60 watts per candelabra socket.

Colonial Ceiling Lights

On the whole, our collection of Colonial Ceiling Lights goes hand in hand with any of our classic tin sconces. No matter what, you’ll be delighted with the charm of the Pierced Design Ceiling Lights CL116 or CL117. In addition, the simplicity of model CL114  Ceiling Light With Seedy Glass makes it suitable in any location. As always you can choose from antique copper, brass, or tin along with custom painted black finish options.


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