Colonial Brass Dining Room Chandelier: CH100

CH100 (12 Arms)
Height 27 ”
Width 24″
Antique Brass – $1289.00
Antique Copper N/A

Also Available:

CH100A Single Tier (8 Arms)
Height 20″
Width 24″
Antique Brass – $1089.00

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Colonial Brass Dining Room Chandelier

Hammerworks Colonial Brass Dining Room Chandelier CH100 creates a warm & inviting ambiance. Most noteworthy we handcraft this exquisite 2-tier 12-arm chandelier in solid antique brass. Due to its’ size, this chandelier is ideal in a formal dining room. In terms of size and placement, the general guideline above a table is this: the chandelier width should be about half that of the table length. Furthermore, the width of the chandelier should not exceed the width of the table. All in all, it is equally impressive in a foyer or great room. As a result, this Colonial Brass Dining Room chandelier shows well in any formal 18th-century setting.

Furthermore, we create each Colonial Brass Dining Room chandelier by hand. Therefore it results in heirloom-caliber lighting. Most of all we promise to deliver quality & craftsmanship one light at a time. Finally, due to our quality, value & style, Hammerworks is the clear choice when purchasing a Colonial dining room chandelier.

Handmade Punched Tin Chandeliers

For a distinctly primitive look, our Rustic Tin Chandelier is another great choice for your reproduction period home. Of course, as with all of our Early American lighting, we apply the punched design completely by hand. The result is a charming reflection of the piercing on the ceiling. You will love the unique ambiance it creates! In addition, these pierced tin chandeliers are available in antique tin or brass finish, with a variety of arm configurations. Also, there is a “downlight” in the center cone for added illumination. Furthermore, we make the Colonial Punched Tin Witch’s Hat Chandeliers without the punched design if you prefer. No matter what, whether you want a primitive or formal look, we have a Colonial Tin or Brass Chandelier for you.

Colonial Wooden Chandeliers

In addition to our Colonial Tin & Brass styles, we offer a variety of Colonial Wooden Chandeliers. Because each wood center chandelier is made to your exact specifications you will receive a truly custom chandelier. With a multitude of sizes, arm configurations, and color choices, the options abound. Thus you will find majestic Elegant Colonial Chandeliers with 2 tier 16 arms to the petite 3-arm CH103A  with many others in between!


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