Hammerworks Colonial Post Lantern Small Sturbridge P102 Handcrafted With Solid Brass In Antique Finish
Hammerworks Colonial Wall Light WML102 Handcrafted With Solid Brass In Antique FinishHammerworks Colonial Wall Lantern WML112 Handcrafted With Solid Brass In Antique FinishHammerworks Colonial Post Lantern P102 Shown At Charleston South Carolina Dock Street Historic Theatre

(B) Colonial Post Lantern: P102

Colonial Post Lantern P102

 “Our Most Popular Post Lantern”

Small Sturbridge P102
Height 30″
Width 13″
Antique Copper – $529.00
Antique Brass – $539.00
Verde Copper – $549.00

Optional Cradle Available
C102 – $225.00

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This Handcrafted New England Style Post Lantern is shown above with optional wrought iron cradle at the the Van Der Zee Manor House, a National Historic Register Dutch Colonial Home located in Selkirk, NY. The original house was built in 1754 by Harrison Van Der Zee, grandson of Storm Bradt who was born at sea in 1636.

Product Description

Colonial Post Lantern

Since 1979, Hammerworks has created the Colonial Post Lantern P102 with precision and historical accuracy. Especially relevant, we build these classic Colonial Post Lights in two sizes. Therefore if you like this design but want something larger, then Colonial New England Style Copper Post Lantern Large Sturbridge P101 is perfect. Still not sure? See what our clients say. Either way you can’t go wrong when you choose our Colonial Post Lighting.

No matter what, our process recalls the days when craftsmen took pride in their work. First & foremost, we handcraft each of our Colonial Style Post Lanterns in your choice of solid copper or brass. Consequently, we can guarantee that it will not rust or corrode.Therefore, our Early American Home Post Fixtures will illuminate your home for years to come. Most of all, the attractive design adds aesthetic value to any architectural design.

Copper Post Lights

Especially relevant, we design our Colonial Copper Post Lights to provide a glowing warmth when lit. However the beauty of a solid copper or brass lantern provides a dramatic accent in daytime as well. Therefore, when choosing the size and quantity of any Colonial Post Mounted fixture, consider these factors. First of all, choose Colonial Copper Post Lanterns even if they appear large. If not, the light may appear undersized when not scaled properly to the setting. Consequently, the distance from the post light to the building, as well as the building size itself determine appropriate lantern size. In addition, on long driveways, multiple Outdoor Copper Post Lanterns may be necessary for proper illumination.

Handcrafted Colonial Wall Lanterns

In addition to our selection of Colonial Post Lanterns, we offer several coordinating handcrafted Colonial Wall LanternsTraditional Wall Lantern Sturbridge WM102 and Traditional Wall Lanterns Small Sturbridge WML102 are both companion models to the P102. In addition, either Model WM112 or Traditional Home Wall Lights Small Post WML112 are ideal choices. No matter what, all of these options create a classic and traditional theme throughout your landscape design. Ready to buy? Click link for Hammerworks Ordering Information.

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