Cape Cod Copper Post Lanterns: PP119

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Cape Cod Copper Post Lanterns PP119

Handcrafted New England Cape Cod Copper Post Lantern: Pyramid PP119 Complementing a stately Tudor Home, these New England Cape Cod post lanterns in Antique Copper with Seedy Glass have been installed with pier mounts on top brick pillars to enhance a gated driveway entry & cobblestone driveway designed by Gary’s Landscape and Design of Maple Glen, PA

Pyramid PP119 (shown)

Height 26″
Width   9″
Antique Copper – $515
Antique brass – $525
Verdigris – $535
Also Available: Pyramid PP118

Height 23″
Width   7″
Antique Copper – $489
Antique brass – $499
Verdigris – $509
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Rustic Copper Post Lanterns

First and foremost, at Hammerworks we handcraft each of the Rustic Cape Cod Copper Post Lanterns Pyramid Model PP119 using solid copper or brass. Not to mention, no matter which Colonial Post Lanterns you purchase, you’ll find meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy that is second to none. After all, our process recalls the days when early craftsmen took pride in their work.

In any event, when choosing the size and quantity of post lanterns, consider several factors. In the first place, although we do make this model in the smaller PP118, don’t be afraid to select a large fixture. The reason is, the light may appear undersized if not scaled properly to the setting. The distance from the post light to the building, and the building proportion itself, determines the appropriate size post light. Generally speaking, install multiple Copper Post Lanterns on a long driveway, to achieve proper illumination as well as aesthetic value. Equally important, in terms of arranging, for the most part, allow 2.5-3 times the height of the pole to space them when using multiple driveway lighting fixtures.

Adirondack Style Lighting Fixtures

Of course, this versatile design is also an excellent option if you’re looking for Adirondack Style Lighting Fixtures. By nature, this classic yet rustic design blends perfectly with a Log or Timber Frame Adirondack residence. Certainly, along with the matching wall and hanging lantern models, you can create an attractive curb appeal for your home.

That being said, find a complete selection of Pyramid Colonial Home Copper Wall Light models to coordinate perfectly with your Cape Cod Copper Post Lanterns. Not only that for a covered porch area, but we also make this model as a hanging version.

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