Antique Tin Punched Light Shades: SH101

Why Choose Hammerworks Light Shade

* Exceptional Craftsmanship

* Completely handcrafted by our skilled craftsman from top to bottom

* Handspun top – a lost art!

* Individually hand-soldered ribbed onion shape,

* Hand-punched design resulting in a charming reflection when lit

* Hand-wired edge around the bottom for a rigid yet elegant look,  adding strength and stability to the overall integrity.

* Hand-rubbed antique tin or brass finish

* Handcrafted By Hammerworks Artisans In America


Light Shade: SH101
Height 16″
Width 18″
Antique Brass – $575.00
Antique Tin – $585.00
Antique Tin Shade: SH101A
Height 14″
Width 13″
Antique Brass – $565.00
Antique Tin – $575.00
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Antique Tin Punched Light Shades

Hammerworks’ handmade Antique Tin Punched Light Shades are a great choice for your reproduction period home. First of all, use these Antique Tin Punched Light Shades in a multitude of settings. While it is common to place it over a dining table, that by no means is the limit. They are often placed above a kitchen island in multiples of 2 or 3. This is an attractive alternative to conventional pendant lights. Another unusual application is our Custom Pool Table Light.

These unique Antique Tin Punched Light Shades stand alone in their field. Most importantly our skilled artisans completely handcraft each one from top to bottom. Beginning with the handspun top, a lost art! Continuing to the individual hand-soldered ribbed onion shape, the hand-punched design results in a uniquely charming reflection when lit. In addition, the hand-wired round edge around the bottom not only gives it a rigid detailed look but adds strength and stability to the overall integrity of the fixture. Also, these Antique Tin Punched Light Shades are equipped with a maximum 100-watt light bulb. Finally, the hand-rubbed antique tin or brass finish completes the light shade, making it one of the most popular choices of our customers throughout the years. When you’re ready, click for ordering information.

Pierced Chandeliers

Furthermore, we make Antique Tin tin-pierced chandeliers with or without the punched design if you prefer. Often called a “Witch’s Hat” chandelier there is a “downlight” in the center cone for added illumination. Also, these Antique Tin Punched Chandeliers come in an antique tin or brass finish, with various arm configurations. Finally, the center cone takes a 60-watt medium base, while the arms accommodate the same wattage candelabra base bulbs, allowing for ample illumination. Remember, while we provide 1 foot of matching chain and ceiling canopy, the additional chain length is always available for a small charge.

Colonial Wall Sconces

At Hammerworks in addition to Antique Tin Punched Light Shades, we offer a complete line of wall sconces. Thus we combine quality craftsmanship with practical function. Since we offer a wide variety of coordinating wall sconces you can easily create a complete room design. Also, each Hammerworks wall sconce is available in your choice of solid copper, brass, or tin. Consequently, this allows versatility in coordinating with the color scheme and style of any setting. Especially relevant, you can see what others say!

Whether you are decorating a classic Williamsburg, Early American Colonial, Cape Cod Style Cottage, or New England Farmhouse, we offer the ideal sconce & chandelier combination. As a result, our Colonial punched chandeliers and wall sconces combine beauty and function to create the perfect look for you. Finally, from kitchens and family rooms to bedrooms and hallways our punched chandeliers and sconces make a perfect decorating accessory for any home. Since 1979 we have been providing quality & craftsmanship one light at a time


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