Colonial Onion Ceiling Lanterns: OCL108

Colonial Onion Ceiling Lanterns: OCL106

Height 12″ Width 8″Copper $409.00 Brass $419.00 Verde $429.00

Also Available:

OCL108 Height 14″ Width 10″ (Shown)
Copper – $579.00 Brass – $589.00 Verde – $599.00

Also Available:

OCL110 Height 17″ Width 12″
Copper – $619.00 Brass – $629.00 Verde – $639.00

Also Available:

OCL112 Height 17 1/2″ Width 15″
Copper – $725.00  Brass – $735.00 Verde – $745.00


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Colonial Onion Ceiling Lanterns

Lighting by Hammerworks handcrafted Colonial Onion Ceiling Lanterns adds Cape Cod charm & style wherever you place them. While we show the Model OCL108 here, these Colonial Hanging Lights are available in four sizes. In addition to the ceiling-mounted versions, we also make Copper Hanging Onion Lights. Thus regardless of ceiling height, we offer the right Colonial Onion Ceiling Lanterns to meet your needs. Furthermore, select from either antique copper, verdigris, or antique brass finish options. Additionally, on the larger sizes, we offer an optional candlelight cluster in place of the standard single bulb shining down.

Because all of our Colonial Onion Ceiling Lanterns coordinate with corresponding post & wall lights you can create a uniform look. Therefore you will find Colonial Post Onion Lantern POL12  within our selection of Post Lanterns. This classic onion post light is available in two sizes. Furthermore, we make several sizes and styles of Colonial Onion Wall Lights. Consequently, you can create an overall effect of classic harmony when you choose Colonial Onion Lights.

Colonial Style Interior Lighting

Although Colonial Onion Ceiling Lanterns are intended primarily for your homes’ exterior their uses extend inside as well. First of all, Copper Hanging Onion Lantern HRG12 is ideal in the front hallway entry. Not only that, onion lights make attractive kitchen pendant lights. Simply group together 2 or 3 of them over a kitchen counter or island. All in all, they are easily integrated throughout a kitchen, dining, great room area. Of course, if you prefer to mix and match your lighting, you can choose one of our many antique chandeliers or ceiling light styles to coordinate with hanging lanterns. Consequently, we offer a solution to any area in your home that requires overhead lighting.



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