Wooden Lantern Poles

Hammerworks is proud to offer two distinct Cedar Wooden Lantern Poles to complement our handcrafted post lights. The “Fancy Turned Pole” offers a little more style with it’s carved turned designs along the length of the pole. The “Square Pole” is a simpler design featuring chamfered edges. First of all as with our handcrafted lighting at Hammerworks we endeavor to offer only the highest quality cedar wood poles available. Most importantly each wooden lamp pole is manufactured from northern white cedar. Secondly it is a laminated product. Therefore it ensures a solid split free pole. In addition these poles will not warp or twist. Furthermore cedar by nature produces a stable, long lasting pole resistant to rot, decay and insects. Thus they provide strength and beauty, ready to grace the entrance to your home or business for years to come.

Especially relevant all Wooden Lantern Poles are made of unfinished white cedar, and therefore can be left in it’s natural state. Of course if you prefer, we offer the option of White Stain for an additional charge. Most importantly each lantern post has a center bored wireway which exits out the side of the pole. Also, the 3″ post fitter at the top is compatible with any post light in today’s industry. In addition the pole measures 8′ 10″. As a result you should plan to bury it about 2-3 feet underground. Consequently this leaves plenty of height above ground to display your lantern.

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