Aluminum Light Post

Hammerworks proudly offers a distinctive collection of Aluminum Lantern Poles. First of all the combination of our classic handcrafted post lights and these traditional aluminum light posts produces a unified result.  Most importantly Aluminum light poles offer a perfect combination of strength and lighter weight. Furthermore each reproduction cast aluminum light posts is sturdily constructed. Thus it blends to complement any lighting project. From a single driveway luminaire to the complete urban street lighting project, our 18th and 19th century aluminum light poles are the pole of choice for architects, designers and homeowners alike. Therefore it is an attractive complement to any Hammerworks post lantern.

Aluminum Lantern Pole

Our classic aluminum lantern poles are a practical choice for displaying any 18th century or 19th century post light. Since they vary in size and style, there is sure to be a style to meet your needs. Of course each pole has a standard 3″ post fitter to accommodate any post light available in today’s industry. They are equipped with an “Access Door” at the bottom. Many are also available with an optional Ladder Rest. Therefore you can add style and charm to your overall presentation. In conclusion our affordable yet ruggedly constructed black cast aluminum light poles enhance any landscape project.

Wooden Cedar Light Posts

In addition to our Aluminum Pole collection, we offer a choice of Wooden Cedar Light Posts. All wooden cedar light poles are manufactured high quality from northern white cedar. These wooden poles are a laminated product. This ensures that the wood lamp pole is a stable, long lasting product. Furthermore it is resistant to rot, decay and bugs. In addtion it will not warp or split. For your convenience each lantern post has a center bored wireway which exits out the side of the pole. Also the 3″ post fitter at the top is compatible with any post lantern made today. Finally each pole is 8’10” tall, ready to be buried 2-3 feet below ground.

Whether you prefer Wooden or Aluminum Lantern Poles Hammerworks offers the perfect one adding the finishing touch to any landscape design scheme.

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