Colonial Wall Lanterns – Handcrafted With Pride In America

“A Family-Owned Business Since 1979 –  Creating Heirloom-Quality Period Reproduction Lighting In The USA”

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Solid Copper Colonial Barn Wall Lantern W102


 $569 – $599

Traditional Handcrafted Antique Brass Wall Light WM102


$589 – $619

 Handcrafted Solid Antique Brass Reproduction Wall Lamps: W105


$515 – $545

Handcrafted Antique Copper Onion Wall Lights OL12


$625 – $645

Traditional Copper Wall Lantern WML102


$779 – $809

Rustic Early American Home Wall Light W116


$495 – $525

Antique Copper Historic Wall Light WM212


$505 – $575

Solid Antique Copper Colonial Wall Light W101


$559 – $589

Colonial Williamsburg Style Copper Wall Light WML102A


$709 – $739

Small Vintage Antique Copper Wall Sconce W201


$249 – $279

Handmade New England Style Onion Light OL10


$519 – $539

Solid Copper Traditional Home Wall Light WML112


$645 – $675

Solid Brass Outdoor Wall Light W113


$579 – $639

Outdoor Colonial Copper Wall Lantern WC106


$309 – $515

New England Style Brass Wall Lantern W112


$429 – $459

Solid Copper Colonial Reproduction Wall Lantern W107


$605 – $639

 Handcrafted Solid Copper Colonial Wall Lantern WM112


$489 – $519

Handcrafted Solid Antique Brass Onion Light OL8


$479 – $499

Traditional New England Style Wall Light WM105A


$835 – $1005

Handmade Colonial Reproduction Wall Light WM110


$579 – $609

Antique Colonial Reproduction Wall Light W104


$309 – $515

Rustic Colonial Copper Wall Lantern W118


$309 – $515

Solid Antique Copper Colonial Outdoor Wall Light W109


$425 – $469

Solid Copper Cape Cod Onion Wall Light RG12


$929 – $949

Handcrafted Antique Onion Style Wall Lantern OL6


$359 – $379

Handmade Solid Copper Cape Cod Style Wall Light W106


$479 – $509

  Handcrafted Solid Antique Brass Early American Lantern W111


$599 – $639

Old Early American Home Wall Light H1


$299 – $329

  Solid Verdigris Copper Gooseneck Doorway Lighting SLS508


$275 – $305

Handmade Gooseneck Doorway Light SLS508

Gooseneck Copper Doorway Wall Light SLS 508

Early American Home Vanity Wall Light VL101


$375  –  $435

Hammerworks Vanity Light VL101 Large

Two Large Vanity Lights VL101 Shown Handcrafted With Antique Copper

Colonial Wall Lanterns

First of all, select from a variety of Colonial Wall Lanterns at Hammerworks.  No matter what, this outdoor copper & brass lighting is handcrafted for exceptional quality and value in the USA.  Most importantly, we create rustic Outdoor Porch Lights with historical precision and accuracy. Furthermore, as mentioned, we make this exterior Early American Lighting in your choice of solid copper or brass. As a result, we can offer a variety of color options. Not only that, the hand-rubbed finish adds an attractive satin patina which oxidizes naturally over time. Of course, if you prefer a primitive weathered appearance, choose the verdigris option. In addition, for a polished effect, we offer painted black on most models.

Finally, regardless of the finish, our outside sconces are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Additionally, you can select several lamp options, from a standard single bulb to a 2,3 or 4 candle configurations. Also, they coordinate with our Hanging or Pole Mounts.

Copper Lights

Certainly, if you want a primitive style look, consider the popular Copper Lights “Pyramid Collection”. In addition, Reproduction Home W102 or Cape Cod Wall W106 is ideal. Similarly, if you prefer a classic appearance, the traditional look of  WML102 is perfect. No matter what, one of these time-honored designs are sure to please. Above all, with their simple yet refined and graceful lines, each of our decorative fixtures enhances a variety of architectural house plans.

Especially relevant, our replica exterior lamp models also include Olde English Tudor & Craftsman collections. Thus, whether your house is a Traditional Style, Antique Saltbox, Cape Cod Cottage, or New England Farmhouse, our outside coach lamps are great. Therefore, to clarify, whatever the architectural design of your period home, you’ll find the right entry fixtures at Hammerworks.

Outdoor Lighting

No matter what, you can be assured that our copper Outdoor Lighting is handcrafted. Because of this, designers for the historic Boston Tea Party Museum selected our authentic Reproduction Wall, Post Tops, interior sconces & hanging lamps for their recent renovation.

Above all, our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship guarantees you are receiving fine heirloom-quality rustic Coastal Style Lighting. Thus, we consistently produce solidly built Early American outside wall lights each and every time. As a result, our antique reproduction exterior sconces will illuminate the doorway entry to your residence for years to come. At the same time, the attractive designs add beauty to any period revival style.

Colonial Post Lanterns

Of course, as previously mentioned, we offer a full line of coordinating exterior Colonial Post Lanterns. Likewise, just as with each and every of our quality outdoor lamps, we offer a variety of finish options for our handcrafted pole tops. As a result, select from a choice of verdigris, painted black, antique brass, and copper.  Above all, our custom outdoor post mounts are built to last for generations.

Going even further, we offer an extensive line of interior light fixture styles to complete any decor scheme. Thus, from interior Wooden Chandeliers to exterior Gooseneck Doorway Lighting, add character and ambiance to any home. Furthermore, our knowledgeable sales associates are happy to assist you in making the right decision. Therefore, whether your style is traditional or rustic, Hammerworks is the clear choice for an antique replica lantern.

Craftsman Lights

Most notably, our restoration styles include a distinctive collection of Craftsman Lights. As always, select Arts & Crafts fixtures in coordinating models for the wall, post, hanging, and ceiling. Not only that, we use the same high-quality material to create this collection. In addition, you can select from several unique glass colors to create a truly custom light for your home. Certainly, the clean, simple lines complement a variety of architectural styles.

A Collection of Colonial Designs

No matter what, by now it is evident that Hammerworks offers a complete Collection of Colonial Designs to light up your home. Above all, our many light fixture options are appropriate for both the interior and exterior of your house. Even more important, our reproduction models are suitable for both residential and commercial use. Furthermore, on the inside, from Ceiling Lights for the smallest powder room to large Tin Chandeliers in an expansive great room, we offer many choices. Similarly, on the exterior, choose from the ever-popular Post Lantern P102 for your driveway or garden pathway. Likewise, the iconic Cape Cod onion light remains an enduring favorite.

Finally, because each piece is entirely handmade, custom options are often available. Again, most fixtures are made in a variety of sizes, styles, and finish selections. Therefore, whether it is one room or an entire house, at Hammerworks we have what you are looking for.