The Best Colonial Wall Sconces – Handcrafted In USA

“A Family-Owned Business Since 1979 – Crafting Superior Quality Period Reproduction Lighting”

“Lighting To Endure For A Lifetime”

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Handmade Antique Tin Lighting S131A


$479 – $499

Vintage Mirrored Lighting S106A


$389 – $409

Colonial Cut Mirrored Tin Wall Sconce M1


$829 – $849

Colonial Style Tin Mirrored Wall Sconce S106T


$459 – $479

Antique Reproduction Sconce S105


$189 – $219

Solid Brass Vintage Hanging Wall Sconce S113


$299 – $319

Historic Carpenter Hall Wall Sconce S133A


$629 – $679

Old Vintage Tin Light S130


$359 – $379

Colonial Tin Wall Sconce S108


$189 – $209

Handmade Colonial Tin Wall Sconce S118


$305 – $325

Handcrafted Heart Punched Tin Wall Sconce S120


$305 – $325

Primitive Antique Brass Wall Sconce S127


$339 – $359

 Classic Design Tin Wall Sconce S114


$289 – $309

Rustic Tin Mirrored Wall Sconce S106


$389 – $409

Rustic Early American Tin Wall Sconce S129


$489 – $509

18th Century Tin Wall Sconce S115A


$409 – $429

 Solid Brass Rustic Wall Sconce S109


$379 – $399

New England Style Brass Wall Sconce S128


$275 – $295

Antique Tin Colonial Reproduction Wall Sconce S111


$425 – $445

 Antique Tin Reproduction Lighting S112


$469 – $489

Handcrafted Reproduction Antique Tin Wall Sconce S131


$579 – $599

Historic Reproduction Tin Wall Sconce S117


$369 – $389

Handmade Brass Pineapple Wall Sconce S103


$169 – $189

Handcrafted Colonial Period Brass Wall Sconce S110


$329 – $349

18th Century Reproduction Tin Wall Sconce S115B


$459 – $479

Antique Tin Williamsburg Style Mirrored Wall Sconce S141


$579 – $599

Handmade Primitive Reproduction Tin Wall Sconce S102


$349 – $369



$245 – $265

Antique Tin Williamsburg Style Wall Sconce 801B


$519 – $539

Williamsburg Style Tin Wall Sconce S141


$579 – $599

Colonial Wall Sconces

Find the Best Colonial Wall Sconces at Hammerworks. As can be seen at first glance, it’s obvious that you can select from an attractive array of Sconce designs. In the first place, our handmade rustic sconce lights feature superior craftsmanship. Moreover, we handcraft these primitive candle lights in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes for your Early American home. Not to mention, we use only the highest quality solid copper, brass, or tin to create each light fixture.  Not only that, we employ the same tools and techniques as our pre-revolutionary forefathers. Given these points, since 1979 we have led the way in the reproduction lighting industry. Therefore, you’ll get 21st Century convenience with the look of yesteryear while receiving a superior quality handmade replica18th Century tin candle lamp.

No matter what, whether you choose the standard electric version or the primitive candle option, the lights’ reflection adds a delightful accent wherever it is placed. To sum up, you will enjoy any of these exquisite heirloom quality reproduction vintage-style tin candelabras for years to come.

Decorative Sconce Options

On the whole, because of the variety available, you’ll find many Decorative Sconce Options. Certainly, the finish choices allow great flexibility in coordinating this attractive accent lighting with the color scheme and style of any setting. Therefore, from a classic Williamsburg design to a New England Farmhouse, our Vintage Lights are just right. Above all, any of these Antique Lighting combines beauty and function, making them a perfect decorating accessory in any room. Not only that, they coordinate perfectly with either the Wooden Chandeliers or perhaps the antique Ceiling Mounts.

Especially relevant, for areas where you need additional illumination, we offer many of our Colonial Home Wall Sconces with two or three electric candles. Furthermore, each Antique Reproduction Sconce accommodates 60 watts per candelabra socket, assuring plenty of light. Of course, custom work is always welcome. In fact, for that reason, if you want a more Rustic Style, ask for a non-electric candle version.

Historic Home Lighting

Generally speaking, regardless of the style of your historic home, from an Early American Saltbox to a Cape Cod Cottage, we offer the perfect solution. In addition, while residential use is most common, we often provide reproduction sconces to restaurants and other commercial establishments. In either case, in terms of design, models range from primitive to elegant. Therefore, from a simple Classic Design to impressive Vintage Mirrored collections, the possibilities are endless.

All in all, while a period antique replica candle lamp adds charm to the overall design of any setting, proper placement is essential. Thus, keep in mind height as well as room location. Consequently, you should install it at the correct height level when coordinated with artwork, or above fireplace mantles. Similarly, perhaps an area behind a chair, sofa, or over a desk is an ideal place to provide additional accent lighting. Finally, consider pairing these candle lamps with other fixtures, such as Pierced Tin Chandeliers.

Above all, Early American Wall Sconces offer countless home decor options throughout your historic antique home. Therefore, they are an excellent choice to illuminate a dark hallway, or even as accent lighting in a bathroom. Likewise, due to their versatility, an alcove in a bedroom or living area is an ideal spot.

 Mirrored Sconce Collection

Certainly, in any event, to create a dramatic statement, select from Hammerworks Mirrored Sconce Collection. Of note, designs include the rustic model S106 in 3 sizes, and the impressive Williamsburg primitive style S141, among others. Similarly, the exquisite round Cut Mirrored Light has an elegant look of classic simplicity. By the same token, the handsome Carpenter Hall is another popular choice within the collection. Moreover, for your convenience, it’s available in 2 sizes. No matter what, with several styles and sizes of handcrafted antique mirrored sconces to choose from, you will find just the right one for your room.

By and large, as with all of our lighting, we make each candle lamp by hand using the tools and techniques of yesteryear. Therefore, the mirror is hand-cut and placed individually. As a result, the mirror’s reflection adds depth not only to the fixture but also to the overall room design. Especially relevant, each Mirrored Light is available in your choice of solid brass or tin. In any event, it’s essential to keep this in mind when coordinating with the color scheme and style of your setting.

Early American Chandeliers

As has been noted, you can select from a variety of Early American Chandeliers to complement the Colonial Wall Sconces. No matter what, with designs in wood, tin, and brass there’s sure to be just the right one to complete the look of your decor.