Colonial Tin Chandeliers – Handcrafted With Pride In America

“Since 1979 One Goal, One Passion… To Bring Yesteryear To Light.”
A Legacy Of Authentic Craftsmanship

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Hammerworks Model # CH103


$779 – $789

Hammerworks Model # CH201


$1295 – $1315

Hammerworks Early American Tin Chandelier CH303 Handcrafted In Antique Finish


$1775 – $1795

Hammerworks Colonial Metal Chandelier: Tavern Light TL1


$239 – $239

Hammerworks # CH120


$619 – $629

Hammerworks Antique Home Reproduction Chandelier: Model # CH104


$659 – $679

Hammerworks Colonial Brass Dining Room Chandelier CH100 Handcrafted In Antique Finish


$889 – $1089

Hammerworks Antique Brass Chandelier CH116 Shown Handcrafted With Six Lights And Solid Brass


$319 – $399

Hammerworks Antique Home Chandeliers Handmade In Tin Finish - CH114


$319 – $399

Hammerworks Antique Tin Chandelier CH122


$579 – $599

Hammerworks Small Colonial Chandelier CH103A Handmade In Antique Tin Finish


$369 – $379

Hammerworks 18th Century Reproduction Chandelier CH106 Handcrafted In Solid Antique Brass With Six Lights


$689 – $755

Colonial French Country Chandeliers

Hammerworks Model # FCCH510 Shown Painted Black


$779 – $819

Hammerworks FCCH502 3 Tier Shown in Antique Brass


$989 – $1029

Hammerworks FCCH510A Shown Painted Black


$1389 – $1449

Hammerworks FCCH504 Shown In Antique Brass


$639 – $679

Hammerworks FCCH503 Shown Painted Black


$479 – $519

Colonial Tin Chandeliers

Purchase Colonial Tin Chandeliers at Hammerworks. First & foremost, our collection of antique reproduction tin & brass Early American Chandeliers are handcrafted in New England. Most notably, we construct each rustic style chandelier using only high-quality solid materials. In addition, just as with the outdoor copper Hanging Fixtures, each pendant is made using time-honored methods. Especially relevant, in terms of illumination, every vintage style chandelier arm is equipped for up to 60 watts. Furthermore, we provide a matching ceiling canopy and 2 feet of chain with each handcrafted light fixture. Of course, additional chain is always available for a minimal charge. 

Primitive Tin Lighting

Especially relevant, we make the perfect size Primitive Tin Lighting to fit seamlessly in any room. For example, the smaller models are ideal in hallways, bedrooms, or in a dining alcove. Certainly, the small scale works well in areas requiring door or headroom clearance.

Furthermore, a model such as the Rustic Chandelier CH103 is excellent for a country kitchen. Perhaps you can combine it with a similar Country Style CH-201 in the great room. While this two-tier reproduction chandelier is grand in size, the design is modest. Not only that, we make it in 3 & 6 light choices. Hence these vintage-style pendants are a perfect choice for any room. As a result, from kitchens and family rooms to bedrooms and hallways, they are a perfect decorating accessory for your restoration or reproduction home.

Reproduction Pendant Lights

Because we offer such a wide range of sizes and styles of Reproduction Pendant Lights, it’s easy to coordinate with your decor. First of all, consider pairing one with any of our Early American wall sconces to complete the design of your room. Above all, for residential styles such as an Antique Williamsburg, Cape Cod, or a New England Farmhouse, we offer the ideal reproduction pendant lights. 

 Brass Dining Room Lighting

Most notably, we offer a variety of single, double & triple tier Colonial Home Brass Dining Room Lighting models. For one thing, perhaps a simple single tier rustic brass chandelier is the right choice in a breakfast nook. Of course, any of our 2 & 3 tier Early American design period models are ideal in a large open-plan area. For example, the CH100 2 tier chandelier is a perfect choice. Of course, due to their size, any multiple-tier is ideal in a grand dining room. In addition, they are an imposing presence in a large foyer. As a result, our reproduction brass chandeliers, as well as distressed Wood designs impress in any formal or primitive 18th-century setting.

Hand Punched Tin Lights

Certainly, for a decidedly less formal appearance, Hand Punched Tin Lights are perfect for any antique period home. Most noteworthy, as with all of our handcrafted lighting, we apply the pierced design completely by hand. Hence, the result is a delightful reflection on the ceiling, adding a rustic charm to any room.

In addition, these homey Colonial pierced pendant fixtures come in a choice of antique tin or brass finish, with a variety of arm configurations. Also, in the chandelier, there is a “down-light” in the center cone for added illumination. Furthermore, choose the primitive design “Witch’s Hat” without the punched pattern for a simpler look. Of course, we also offer punched design ceiling lights to coordinate nicely with this collection. No matter what, whether you want a primitive or formal look, we have a chandelier design for you.

 Colonial Tavern Lights

Above all, Tavern Lights were a popular style in the earliest pioneer gathering places. Of course, their simple design and durable construction made them dependable light sources in busy, rowdy environments. Over time, they flourished in pubs and inns across America, thus earning their name. Certainly, they remain a popular choice for such venues even today, as evidenced here at the “Liberty Tavern” in Powell Ohio. No matter what, the timeless look of a Tavern Light chandelier fits perfectly in many areas of the house, such as a country kitchen, mudroom, and even bathrooms.

Grand French Country Chandeliers

First & foremost, the Grand French Country Chandeliers enhance any setting. Of course, because of their classic elegance and simplicity, the unique appearance of these fixtures complement a variety of residential styles. Therefore, whether they grace the dining room in a city Townhouse or the great room of a vintage French Provincial estate, they are ideal.

Most notably, the French Country designs in our collection range in size. Therefore, choose anything from the small FCCH-503 to the imposing FCCH-510A models. Above all, we create French Country style lighting in a choice of antique brass, tin and painted black finishes. Therefore, you will find just the right one to coordinate with your decor. No matter what, whether your design is simple or formal, there is a size and style for you.

Colonial Lighting – A Complete Collection

Especially relevant, we offer a complete collection of Colonial Lighting for your entire home. Our Onion models include Wall Sconces, Post Lanterns, and Hanging Fixtures. In addition, our exterior handcrafted Wall & post top styles range from traditional to primitive in design. More importantly, all of our Colonial outdoor lighting is made in a choice of solid copper or brass, with a variety of finish options. No matter what type of Colonial lighting you desire, at Hammerworks we create the size, type, and style to satisfy your needs.