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Colonial Style Aluminum Light Poles: The Ipswich


 Aluminum Light Pole: Yarmouth


Cast Aluminum Lantern Poles: Colonial


Wooden Light Post - Fancy Turned Pole

Fancy Turned Post

$459 – $519

 Aluminum Lantern Lighting Post: Essex


Cedar Wood Lamp Post - 5" x 5" Square With Chamfered Edges

5 x 5 Square W/ Chamfered Edges

$365 – $424

Colonial Style Light Poles

First & foremost, shop here and choose from a great selection of Colonial Style Light Poles from Hammerworks. After all, we make it easy for you to pair your post light with a Cast Aluminum or Cedar Wood Lamp Pole.

Wooden Lantern Poles

For your convenience, we carry two styles of Wooden Lantern Poles to choose from. As can be seen, the 5×5 Square solid Cedar Lamp Pole is a simpler design featuring chamfered edges. Additionally, we carry the decorative “Fancy Turned” model. This Wooden Light Post features a 5×5 square bottom, with a carved detail before transitioning to the round upper section. In either case, these wooden cedar poles perfectly complement any of our handcrafted Colonial Post Lanterns.

Cedar Lamp Post

Most notably, each driveway Cedar* Lamp Post is made of unfinished wood. For the most part, it’s fine when left in its natural state. Of course, if you prefer, we offer the option of White Stain for an additional charge. More importantly, each one has a center bored wire-way that exits out the side. Also, the 3″ fitter at the top is compatible with any pole light in today’s industry. Furthermore, it measures 8′. As a result, you can bury it about 2-3 feet, leaving plenty above the ground to display your lantern. In any event, this still allows plenty of above-ground height to display your handcrafted lantern. *New in 2023, our poles are now made of unfinished Mahogany wood, an even harder, longer-lasting product!

Above all, just as with Hammerworks Lighting Products, we endeavor to offer only the highest quality available. Therefore, we sourced the best outdoor wooden lantern pole, manufactured from northern white cedar. As a matter of fact, it is a laminated product. In short, this ensures a solid split-free pole. Furthermore, they will not warp or twist. Coupled with this, cedar by nature is stable & long-lasting, resistant to rot, decay, and insects. Overall they provide strength and beauty, ready to grace the entrance of your home or business for years to come.

Aluminum Lantern Poles

In addition to those made of wood, we offer a selection of classic Aluminum Lantern Poles. All things considered, the attractive black cast aluminum is a practical choice for displaying any 18th or 19th-century lamp. By and large, the combination of a vintage handcrafted lantern top and a traditional Aluminum Light Post produces a unified result. On the whole, it blends to complement any lighting project. In any event, from a single driveway lamp to a complete urban street lighting project, these  Lantern Poles are chosen by architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

Since they vary in size and style, there is sure to be one to meet your needs. Of course, as previously mentioned all models have a standard 3″ fitter to match any lamp made today. Also, most are equipped with an “Access Door” at the bottom. Not to mention, some are available with an optional Ladder Rest. Therefore you can add style and charm to your overall presentation.

To sum up, our affordable yet ruggedly constructed black cast aluminum lamp poles enhance any landscape project. Certainly, whether you prefer Wooden or Aluminum construction, you’ll find the perfect one, adding the finishing touch to any landscape design scheme.

Handcrafted Colonial Post Lanterns

As has been noted, our primary focus is creating superior quality handcrafted period reproduction lighting. Therefore no matter which style pole you choose, you’ll find the perfect Handcrafted Colonial Post Lanterns to match. Of course, they are all completely handmade in the USA. Equally important, we use only the highest quality solid copper or brass. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of finish options. These include the standard antique copper &  brass, as well as verdigris (green) and painted black on a custom basis.

Most noteworthy, we offer several sizes and styles of replica design post lanterns. As a matter of fact, our designs include both traditional and primitive-style Colonial models. For the most part, sizes range from the comparatively small P112 to the sizable Boston Lantern. Not only that, we handcraft an impressive collection of Olde English Tudor Lighting featuring exceptional quality. Likewise, our offerings extend into the realm of Arts & Crafts Style Fixtures as well. Therefore no matter the size, style, or design collection you seek, you will find it at Hammerworks!

Early American Lighting

To summarize, we create a comprehensive selection of Early American Lighting. In addition to outdoor models, we make several styles of interior light fixtures. For the most part, from compact Ceiling Lights for the back hallway to substantial Tin Chandeliers in a great room, you have countless options. Not to mention, due to their size and versatility antique period wall sconces remain a popular favorite.

No matter what, since we handcraft each fixture, custom options are always feasible. Of course, all of our designs are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finish selections. All in all, whether it is one room or an entire home Lighting by Hammerworks meets your expectations.