Colonial Style Chandeliers – Handcrafted With Pride In America

“A Family-Owned Business Since 1979 –  Creating Heirloom-Quality Period Reproduction Lighting In The USA”

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Colonial Style Chandeliers Hand Turned Wood Center CH322 Shown In 2-Tier 16 Arms


$2959 – $3069

Hammerworks Early American Reproduction Wooden Chandelier CH123


$689 –  $715

Hammerworks Early American Reproduction Wood Chandelier CH109


$859 – $1249

Colonial Style Chandeliers - Country Wooden Chandeliers CH203 Hand Painted


$1179 – $1579

Hammerworks Colonial Style Chandeliers CH121 Hand Turned Wood Center


$729 – $1365

Hammerworks Colonial Dining Room Wooden Chandeliers: Model # CH107


$589 – $689

Colonial Painted Wooden Chandelier: Hammerworks Model CH108


$589 – $689

Colonial Wooden Center Chandeliers

Standard with two feet of chain & ceiling canopy

Hand painted or stained hardwood options

Accept up a 60 watt candelabra bulb


Hammerworks Handcrafted Model CH202


$1179 – $1189

Colonial Style Chandeliers:  Model CH112


$419 – $514

Antique Reproduction Wooden Chandelier: Hammerworks Model CH321


$819 – $899

Hammerworks Country Wood Chandelier CH110 Shown In Richardson Red With Ivory Trim


$689 – $789

Hammerworks Colonial Style Chandeliers Model # CH103


$779 – $789

Hammerworks Colonial Style Chandeliers Model # CH201


$1295 – $1315

Hammerworks Early American Tin Chandelier CH303 Handcrafted In Antique Finish


$1775 – $1795

Hammerworks Antique Brass Chandelier CH116 Handcrafted With Solid Brass


$319 – $399

Hammerworks Colonial Style Chandeliers # CH120


$619 – $629

Hammerworks Colonial Home Reproduction Chandelier: Model # CH104


$659 – $679

Colonial Style Chandeliers -l Brass Dining Room Chandelier CH100


$889 – $1089

Colonial Tin Chandeliers

Standard with two feet of chain & ceiling canopy

Antique Tin and Brass options

Accept up a 60 watt candelabra bulb


Hammerworks Antique Home Chandeliers Handmade In Tin Finish - CH114


$319 – $399

Hammerworks Antique Tin Chandelier CH122


$579 – $599

Hammerworks Small Colonial Chandelier CH103A Handmade In Antique Tin Finish


$369 – $379

Hammerworks 18th Century Reproduction Chandelier CH106


$689 – $755

Hammerworks Handcrafted Colonial Punched Tin Chandeliers: SH102


$439 – $459

Hammerworks Punched Tin Ceiling Mount Lights: Model # CL117


$329 – $359

Hammerworks Pierced Copper Hanging Light PL1


$279 – $349

Antique Tin Punched Light Shades


$425 – $459

Pierced Antique Ceiling Light


$280 – $310

Punched Tin Cone Shade


$145 – $175

Colonial Pendant Tin Chandelier


$399 – $469

Colonial Punched Tin Witch’s Hat


$459 – $489

Hammerworks Colonial Metal Chandelier: Tavern Light TL1


$239 – $239

Colonial Style Chandeliers

First & foremost, Hammerworks specializes in all styles of Colonial Style Chandeliers. Certainly, you’ll find superb handcrafted rustic wood, tin & pierced design lighting handmade in America since 1979. Of course, for the wooden models, we use the same wood-turning techniques as our pre-revolutionary forefathers. Likewise, we form metal arms by hand in your choice of antique tin or brass finish.

Most importantly, you can customize your  Wooden Colonial Style Chandeliers with the color finish of your choice. Therefore, select from a variety of Olde Village Paint colors as well as stained hardwood finish options. Of course, if you choose to supply your own paint or stain color we are happy to comply. No matter what, with a multitude of single, double, and even triple-tier options, there is sure to be one suitable for every room in your home! Most notably, to add complementary accent lighting, you can choose from a wide variety of Colonial Wall Sconces.

Period Reproduction Chandeliers

Especially relevant, in addition to the wooden styles, you’ll find a wide variety of Period Reproduction Chandeliers at Hammerworks. In addition, we also offer all of these rustic-style chandelier fixtures in antique brass finish. Either way, we construct each primitive pendant light using only high-quality solid materials, just as with the outdoor copper Hanging Fixtures. Most importantly, we offer several size and style options to choose from. Consequently, from a small primitive Tavern Light for the mudroom to the grand Early American Tin Chandelier three-tier CH303 in a great room, you’ll find the perfect option.

Of course, you’ll also find a nice selection of handmade farmhouse-style Pierced Design Pendants for a uniquely charming addition to your period reproduction home. Above all, we apply the punched arrangement completely by hand. As a result, you’ll notice a pleasing reflection on the ceiling. No matter what, as always you can choose these rustic design Early American Pierced Light Fixtures in an antique tin or brass finish. Moreover, you can add coordinating Colonial Ceiling Lights to complement your Early American Chandelier.

Especially relevant, in terms of illumination, every vintage-style chandelier arm accommodates up to 60 watts. Furthermore, we provide a matching ceiling canopy and 2 feet of chain with each handcrafted light fixture. Of course, an additional chain is always available for a minimal charge.