Colonial Post Lanterns – Handcrafted With Pride In America

“Since 1979 One Goal, One Passion… To Bring Yesteryear To Light.”
A Legacy Of Authentic Craftsmanship

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Hammerworks Colonial Boston Street Light P103 Handcrafted With Solid Brass In Antique Finish


$1299 – $1369


$409 – $465

Cape Cod Post Lantern


$409 – $465


$1189 – $1219

Hammerworks Reproduction Colonial Copper Post Light P212 Handcrafted With Solid Copper


$455 – $515

Hammerworks Handcrafted Copper Outdoor Post Light P102


$529 – $549


$1415 – $1445


$695 – $715

Hammerworks New England Onion Post Light PRG12 Handmade With Solid Copper


$629 – $649

Hammerworks Old English Manor House Copper Post Lantern: Olde English Post Light 922P


$1759 – $1819

New England Style Lantern


$895 – $925

Hammerworks Handcrafted Colonial Post Lantern P112 Shown In Antique Brass


$439 – $459

Hammerworks Colonial New England Style Copper Post Lantern - Large Sturbridge P101


$1250 – $1280

Hammerworks Colonial Post Onion Lantern POL12 Handcrafted With Solid Antique Copper


$389 – $489

Hammerworks Tudor Style Copper Post Lantern OWP1


$1125 – $1219


$409 – $465

Hammerworks Colonial Copper Post Lanterns Wills P113 Handmade In New England USA


$1289 – $1399

Hammerworks Cape Cod Style Post Lantern P110 Handcrafted In Solid Antique Copper


$529 – $565

Hammerworks Outdoor Copper Post Lanterns 1003P Shown In Verde Copper


$425 – $465

Hammerworks English Street Post Lantern 920P Handcrafted In Solid Antique Copper


$1369 – $1529

Colonial Post Lanterns

First of all, at Hammerworks we handcraft our Colonial Post Lanterns in America.  Above all, our careful attention to detail results in historical period accuracy. Even more important, we fold, bend, cut and solder the metal completely by hand. Thus, we produce heirloom quality Early American Lighting. In addition, we offer a variety of finish options for our handcrafted lantern tops. Therefore, we custom make Copper Post Lights in your choice of verdigris, painted black, & antique brass in addition to copper. Of course, the hand rubbed antique copper and brass finish gives the light fixture an attractive satin patina.  Most notably, we make each handcrafted pole light with an industry standard 3″ fitter. Thus, whether you choose a Wooden Cedar Lamp Post or one of our Aluminum Poles, it will mount securely.  More importantly, our custom solid brass and Copper Outdoor Post Lanterns will last for years to come.

Early American Pole Light

Especially relevant, our rustic handcrafted Early American Pole Light to provides a glowing warmth when lit. Of course, the beauty of traditional outdoor copper or brass lighting also creates a dramatic accent anytime. Furthermore, the classic appearance of reproduction home post lights, Colonial Wall lanterns & hanging fixtures stand the test of time as a staple of outdoor illumination. As a result, due to the quality and accuracy of our period lights, municipal and historic restoration projects throughout the U.S often choose them. Consequently, they continue to light the streets & venues of cities and towns today, just as in Early America.

Outdoor Copper Post Lighting

Most importantly, when choosing size and quantity of Outdoor Copper Post Lighting, consider several factors. First of all, in most cases choose a large size. Above all, a driveway or walkway pole light may appear undersized if not scaled properly to the setting. Therefore, the distance from the lantern to the building, as well as the building size are important.  Furthermore, on a long driveway multiple outdoor fixtures may be necessary, for proper illumination as well as aesthetic value.

Copper Outdoor Colonial Wall & Hanging Lights

Above all, because a uniform appearance is visually pleasing, we make a wide variety of matching classic Copper Outdoor Colonial Wall & Hanging Lights. No matter which you choose, you’ll love how they look with your handcrafted post lantern! As a result of our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, it guarantees a high end quality light. Therefore, our Early American home wall or hanging fixtures will illuminate any doorway to your antique home for generations. As always, we handcraft each of our traditional reproduction wall & Colonial Hanging Lights in a choice of solid copper or brass.

Boston Street Light Designer

 Most noteworthy, Boston Street Light Designer Jonathan Biggs created the original Colonial Boston Post Lantern. Probably one of the most iconic enduring designs among antique style lights, this imposing fixture has since become a classic for street illumination. Most notably, hundreds of  Boston Post Lights are still seen today throughout the streets of its historic namesake city. Above all, the attractive and durable design of this Coastal Style Lighting combines the best features among all the lanterns of this period. In addition, the steel cradle support ensures strength and stability. This aids in protecting these stately classic fixtures against the elements of Mother Nature.

Finally, the Boston Street Light is an excellent choice to enhance and illuminate the landscape of a restored or reproduction home. In addition, this lantern is utilized in a wide variety of commercial projects, including restaurants, inns and large scale condominium & housing developments.

Royal Barry Wills Post Lantern

Similarly, another popular choice, the P113 Colonial Copper Post Lanterns are named after the famous Boston Architect, Royal Barry Wills. Most noteworthy, he is well known for designing the original iconic Cape Cod style home. Likewise, the “Wills” design is as popular for today’s Cape Cod style homes as those of yesteryear. In addition, it is a popular choice on streets and walkways in New England and across America. In addition, the Wills Colonial Post Lanterns can be seen along a Historic Canal Park in Walnutport PA.

A Complete Collection of Colonial Lighting

As you can see, we offer a complete collection of Colonial Lighting. Furthermore, in addition to a wide variety of outdoor fixtures, our product line extends throughout the interior of your home. From Colonial Ceiling Lights for the smallest powder room, to large Colonial Tin Chandeliers in an expansive great room, we offer many choices. Our “Punched Tin Design” pendants and chandeliers are particularly popular. Also, since each piece is completely handmade, custom options are always available. More importantly, select from a variety of sizes, styles and finish selections. Therefore, whether it is one room or an entire home, you will to find exactly what you are looking for at Hammerworks.