Colonial Onion Wall Lights – Handcrafted With Pride In America

“Since 1979 One Goal, One Passion… To Bring Yesteryear To Light.”
A Legacy Of Authentic Craftsmanship

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Hammerworks Colonial Onion Wall Lights: OL12 Shown Handcrafted In Antique Copper


$475 – $495

Onion Copper Wall Lanterns


$649 – $669


$389 – $409


$349 – $369

Onion Wall Lights


$279 – $299

Colonial Onion Wall Lights

First & foremost, Hammerworks reproduction handcrafted copper Colonial Onion Wall Lights are a practical and functional choice for any setting. Most importantly, we make these versatile historic reproduction Onion Wall lanterns from solid copper or brass. Furthermore, they coordinate with Onion Post Mount and Hanging Onion Lights.

Above all, since we create this Coastal Style Lighting in several sizes, you’ll find just the right one for your space. No matter what, they can be used in a variety of indoor & outdoor settings. In addition, other than the obvious placement on the exterior of your home Colonial Onion Wall Lights are ideal indoors. Consequently, Interior uses range from entrance halls & kitchens to family rooms, bedrooms & bathrooms. Therefore, install Primitive Style Onion lanterns wherever a light is needed. Also, the attractive design blends well with a multitude of decorative styles.

Colonial Home Onion Post Lanterns

Most noteworthy, Hammerworks creates Colonial Home Onion Post Lanterns completely by hand. Of course, each Reproduction Onion Post Top is made out of your choice of solid copper or brass. Consequently, they withstand harsh weather conditions and will not rust or corrode. In addition, we offer Onion Post Lanterns in three different sizes as well as with either a round or onion shaped glass globe. Also, each Onion Post Mount is equipped with a standard 3″ post fitter, ready to be mounted on the Lamp Post of your choice. Finally, our Early American Onion Post Lights coordinate perfectly with our Onion Wall Mount and Hanging styles.

Cape Cod Hanging Onion Lights

Especially relevant, Colonial Cape Cod Hanging Onion Lights coordinate perfectly with the Colonial Wall Lanterns & Post Mount Fixtures. Of course, as with all of our handcrafted lighting, each Primitive Style Hanging Onion Light is made in your choice of solid copper or brass. Also, each Rustic Style Hanging Onion Light Fixture is equipped with a matching ceiling canopy and 2 feet of chain. In addition, you have a choice of the standard single down light or a variety of candelabra style light configurations. Thus, they will light any area with ease. In conclusion, whether you are decorating the inside or outside of your home, Hammerworks is your primary source for Colonial Onion Lights.

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