Colonial Boston Post Light

Hammerworks Colonial Boston Post Light P103 Handcrafted In Antique Copper Or BrassHammerworks Boston Style Copper Post Lantern P103 Handcrafted In Antique Copper Or Brass

Colonial Boston Street Light

First and foremost you will be rewarded with the glowing warmth for which it was designed when you choose a handcrafted Colonial Boston Street Light from Hammerworks Its beauty will provide a dramatic accent in the daytime as well. Most importantly each Colonial Boston Post Light is completely handmade in your choice of antique copper or antique brass. Also, our craftsmen employ the same tools and techniques as used in the original designs. Of course, Colonial Boston Streets Lights were the staple lighting of the streets of cities and towns throughout Colonial America. Thus due to its quality, value, and historic accuracy numerous municipal and historic restoration projects throughout the US have chosen the Classic Colonial Boston Street light.

Jonathan Biggs, a lamp maker designed the original Colonial Boston Street Light which has since become a classic colonial post light for street lighting use. You can still see hundreds of these post lanterns today on the streets throughout the historic city of Boston, MA. The attractive and durable design of our reproduction Colonial Boston Street Light combines the best features of all of the lanterns of this period.  In addition, the steel support cradle is necessary to ensure strength and stability. This helps to provide protection for these stately classic colonial post lights against the elements of Mother Nature.

In conclusion, the Colonial Boston Street Light is always an excellent choice to enhance and illuminate the landscape of a restored or reproducing colonial-style home. In addition, you can utilize this lantern in a wide variety of commercial projects, including restaurants, inns, and large-scale condominiums and housing developments.

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