Hammerworks New England Onion Wall Lights OL10 Handcrafted With Solid Copper

(C) New England Onion Wall Lights : OL10

Hammerworks Copper Onion Lights OL10 Handcrafted With Antique Finish

Copper Onion Wall Light: OL10
Height 23″   Width 12″   Depth 14″
Copper $389.00
Brass  $399.00
Verde  $409.00

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Product Description

New England Onion Wall Lights

First & foremost Hammerworks reproduction New England Onion Wall Lights and Round Globe wall lights are a practical and functional choice for any setting. Secondly we handcraft these versatile historic reproduction wall lanterns from solid copper or solid brass. Thus you can use them in both indoor & outdoor settings. In addition we make Onion Wall Lights in several sizes. Furthermore the interior uses can range from entrance halls & kitchens to family rooms, bedrooms& bathrooms. Of course you can use Colonial Onion wall lights wherever a light is needed. Finally, the attractive design blends well with a multitude of decorative styles.



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