Hammerworks Colonial Post Onion Lantern POL12 Handcrafted With Solid Antique Copper

(Q) Colonial Post Onion Lantern: POL12

Hammerworks Colonial Onion Post Lanterns POL12 Handmade With Solid Copper In Antique Finish

Product Description

Colonial Post Onion Lantern

At Hammerworks, we offer a handmade Colonial Post Onion Lantern and Round globe post lights in a full range of applications and sizes to allow you to coordinate your lighting scheme. Our hanging Onion lights as well as Onion wall lights complement the Onion post lanterns and Round globe post lanterns to complete the look in your lighting design. All Onion lights and Round globe lights are supplied with a sturdy clear glass globe, providing excellent illumination.

Colonial Post Onion Lantern: POL12 (Shown)
Height 21″
Width $409.00
Brass $419.00
Verde Copper $429.00
(Shown With Optional Two Light Cluster – $35.00)

Also Available:

Onion Post Light: POL10
Height 20″
Width 12″
Copper $329.00
Brass $339.00
Verde Copper $349.00



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