Hammerworks Copper Outdoor Post Lanterns 1003P Shown In Verde Copper

(R) Copper Outdoor Post Lanterns: Berkshire 1033P

Reproduction Colonial Post Lantern: Berkshire 1033P
Height 25″
Width 10 1/2″
Depth 9 1/2″
Antique Copper $355.00
Antique Brass $365.00
Verde Copper $375.00


Product Description

Copper Outdoor Post Lanterns

Hammerworks Copper Outdoor Post Lanterns are  completely handcrafted of solid copper or brass. Most importantly, we make our lighting in New England, USA. In addition we meticulously make each post light with attention to detail and historical accuracy. Furthermore at Hammerworks we offer Post Lanterns in your choice of finish using the same methods employed by our colonial ancestors. Also the hand rubbed antique copper and brass finish produces an attractive satin patina. As a result it oxidizes naturally over time. If you prefer, we will apply a custom verdigris copper or black painted finish to any of our post lights. Hence this process recalls the days when early craftsmen took pride in their work, knowing that each lantern they produced would be a testament to their community for years to come.

Furthermore when choosing size and quantity of post lanterns, there are several factors to consider. First of all it is important not to shy away from size, as the light may appear undersized if not scaled properly to the setting. The distance from the post light to the building, as well as the building size itself should determine the appropriate size post light. In addtion on a long driveway, multiple post lanterns may be necessary to achieve proper illumination  as well as aesthetic value.



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