Hammerworks Cape Cod Style Post Lantern P110 Handcrafted In Antique Copper
Handcrafted Colonial Copper Post Light: P110Hammerworks Colonial Copper Post Lantern P109Hammerworks Colonial Copper Post Lantern P110 Shown At Boston Tea Party Ship Museum

(G) Cape Cod Style Post Lantern: Garrison P110

Copper Post Lanterns ( model # P110) Illustrated on a deck of Boston Tea Party Museum

18th Century Boston Tea Party Ship Museum Copper Post Lantern (Garrison P110)

Hammerworks was chosen to handcraft reproduction18th century post and wall lights for the historic Boston Tea Party Ship Museum. These New England reproduction 18th Century Lanterns ( Model # P110 shown here in photo.) were used around the exterior of the ship and walking paths.These period reproduction post lanterns add to the ambiance created to bring visitors back to the time and place of this important event in American history. In addition there are numerous interior wall lanterns, sconces & hanging fixtures throughout the interior of the museum. This is one just example of how Lighting By Hammerworks quality handcrafted New England style lighting fixtures have been incorporated into some of the finest museums, historic sites and tourist attractions in America.

Product Description

Cape Cod Style Post Lantern

When choosing size and quantity of a Cape Cod style post lantern,consider these factors: Do not shy away from size,as the light may appear undersized if not scaled properly to the setting. The distance from the post light to your home,as well as the building size itself should determine the appropriate size post light. In addition if the driveway is long, multiple post lanterns may be necessary, to achieve proper illumination as well as aesthetic value.

Cape Cod Copper Post Light:

Garrison P110 (Shown)

Height 21″
Width 9″
Antique Copper – $479.00
Antique Brass – $489.00
Verde Copper – $499.00

Also Available:

Cape Cod Colonial Post Light:

Garrison P109

Height 26″
Width  11″
Antique Copper – $495.00
Antique Brass – $505.00
Verde Copper – $515.00



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