Hammerworks Copper Ceiling Lights: 1032FF Shown Handcrafted With Antique Copper Finish

(E) Copper Ceiling Lights: 1032FF

Hammerworks Handmade Colonial Copper Ceiling Lights 1032FF

Copper Ceiling Light: 1032FF
Height 5 1/2″
Width 12 1/2″
Depth 12 1/2″
Antique Copper – $355.00
Ant. Brass – $365.00
Antique Tin – $365.00

Product Description

Copper Ceiling Lights

Lighting By Hammerworks Copper Ceiling Lights combine quality craftsmanship and practical function. By nature ceiling lights are ideal for any area with a low ceiling or limited clearance. The design of our Antique Copper Ceiling Lights adds a unique ambiance and is a versatile option for any room, from kitchens and bathrooms to hallways and family rooms. Most importantly we offer rustic style Ceiling Lights in a variety of size and finish options. In addition to Antique Copper, you can choose from Antique Tin and Antique Brass, as well as custom finishes of Verdigris Copper and Painted Black. Furthermore Primitive Antique Ceiling Lights are available in square, rectangular and hexagonal styles. Also each Colonial Ceiling Light is equipped with 2 medium base light sockets, rated for 60 watts each. Standard glass options include a choice of clear seedy and white opalescent. Of course Lighting by Hammerworks Copper Ceiling Lights can be combined with any of our Colonial  Wooden Chandeliers or Rustic Antique Primitive Wall Sconces to complete the look of your room’s decor.

Pierced Tin Ceiling Lights

In addition to Colonial Copper Ceiling Lights at Hammerworks we offer handcrafted Rustic Pierced Tin Ceiling Lights. Just as with all of our handmade lighting we make them with pride in America. First of all these attractive ceiling fixtures combine quality craftsmanship with practical function. In addition due to the compact size they are perfect for any area with a low ceiling or limited clearance. Furthermore the reflection of the punched design adds a unique ambiance to any room. Thus this versatility offers an ideal option for any room, from kitchens and bathrooms to hallways and family rooms.

Of course as with all Hammerworks light fixtures, we make our Pierced Tin Ceiling Lights completely by hand with attention to detail. Most importantly we hand punch each fixture one at a time. Also we offer a variety of style and finish options. These include Antique Tin, Copper and Brass, as well as our custom Verdigris Copper or Painted Black. In addition we offer both square and round styles. Consequently no matter the design and color scheme of the room you will find a suitable choice in our collection.

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