(C) Colonial Reproduction Wall Light: Garrison WM110

Boston Tea Party Ship Museum Colonial Reproduction Wall Lantern Garrison WM110

Historic Tours Of America (creator and developer of the Boston Tea Party Ship Museum) called on Lighting By Hammerworks to craft antique reproduction lighting fixtures for the museum depicting this historic event. Over 70 Hammerworks Early American lanterns (Garrison P-110 post light & WM-110 wall lantern) enhance the colonial atmosphere of this Boston venue. The soft light and authentic design of the Garrison lantern along walkways and around the museum work seamlessly with all the other details to create the ambiance of Boston in 1773.


Colonial Reproduction Wall Light

Colonial Reproduction Wall Light: Garrison WM110

Height 18″
Width 9″
Depth 9″
Antique Copper – $479.00
Antique Brass – $489.00
Verde Copper – $499.00




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