Aluminum Light Post

Hammerworks proudly offers this selection of aluminum light poles. A combination of our classic post lights and these traditional aluminum light posts will produce a unified result that will blend and complement any lighting project. These ruggedly constructed heavy wall reproduction cast aluminum light posts are easy to install at any site of any proportion. From a single driveway luminaire to the complete urban street lighting project, these 18th and 19th century aluminum light poles have been the pole of choice for architects, designers and homeowners alike.

Aluminum Lantern Pole

These classic aluminum lantern poles are a practical choice for displaying any 18th century or 19th century post light. The affordable yet ruggedly constructed black cast aluminum light pole will enhance any landscape project.

Wooden Cedar Light Post

All wooden cedar light poles are manufactured from northern white cedar. These wooden poles are a solid piece. This ensures that the wood lamp pole will be a stable, long lasting product, resistant to rot, decay and bugs. Each lantern post has a center bored wireway which exits out the side of the pole.

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