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Colonial Lighting
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Lighting By Hammerworks is handcrafted with pride in the U.S.A. UL Approved

You are invited to enjoy the unique experience of Colonial Style Lighting that Lighting By
Hammerworks represents. As you peruse this website, you will soon realize that we offer the most
complete line of Colonial Lighting fixtures and accessories available.

However, offering an extensive line is not enough for us. We offer only the highest quality and value
which is unsurpassed in the industry. For over 30 years, Lighting By Hammerworks has been known
for superior craftsmanship, engineering and attention to detail in all of our Colonial period lighting.

We turn all of our wooden chandeliers, spin our own metal finials and details, and execute all of our
fixtures by hand. Also, many of our processes employ
similar tools and the same techniques as
those used by the original craftsmen.

Lighting By Hammerworks has worked with designers, architects and contractors throughout the
country. Our Early American lighting, whether selected from our standard line or custom developed for
specific projects, can be seen on thousands of homes and in major historic Colonial municipal
restoration lighting projects.

Among Hammerworks and Hearth-glo's more famous customers is the Walt Disney Company. Our
fixtures have been used on the sets of several movies, including Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean"
trilogy. In addition, Hammerworks and Hearth-glo lighting fixtures can be seen at Disney's Parks in
Florida, California and Japan.
Hammerworks fixtures have been used in numerous other movie and TV productions, as well as in
high end restaurants and retail locations throughout the U.S.
The Right Lighting for Your Antique Colonial Home
If your vintage home is in need of antique light fixtures, deciding what to replace them with may be a challenging undertaking. While there many modern styles
to choose from, selecting a lighting fixture that is appropriate to the historic architecture of the home is an important decision.
In the colonial times lighting a room was a challenge, as electricity was not an option. Candle,and in later times kerosene were the only fuel sources for
lighting.  Antique colonial lighting fixtures where commonly made of tin,iron and wood with brass being used for formal colonial homes. Providing light in the
dark colonial homes was always a challenging task for the skilled craftsman that handcrafted each lighting fixture one by one, as we still do here at Lighting
By Hammerworks. They would incorporate hand cut mirror into tin wall sconces to reflect light back into the room.                                                were also made
with a reflector to help bounce light back into the room. Wood was often carved to create a body for a
colonial chandelier with either iron or tin arms  
holding candles to hang for lighting the center of a room or over a dining table.
Lighting By Hammerworks has for over 30 years been creating these reproduction antique colonial lighting fixtures just as the skilled craftsmen of colonial
times.  Obviously electric has been incorporated into our lighting fixtures, but we still offer burning candle as an option on most of our antique reproduction
lighting fixtures. No matter what lighting fixture you choose for your colonial style home, you can be sure that any option offered by Lighting by Hammerworks
is the right choice!
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